Leaked emails indicate UFC's alleged attempt to sabotage Nate Diaz after "lowballed" contract offer was rejected

Dana White (Left) and Nate Diaz (Right) [Images via: @danawhite and @natediaz209 on Instagram]
Dana White (Left) and Nate Diaz (Right) [Images via: @danawhite and @natediaz209 on Instagram]

Former UFC star Nate Diaz has been speaking out for improved pay, compensation, and benefits throughout his tenure with the organization. Despite his prolonged efforts, it wasn't until his two bouts with Conor McGregor that Diaz began to see substantial payouts.

However, recently leaked emails have seemingly brought to light the UFC's alleged attempt to undermine the Stockton native after he rejected a "lowballed" contract offer.

For context, the UFC has been embroiled in a Class Action lawsuit, accusing the organization of employing questionable strategies to monopolize the market and underpay its athletes.

The leaked emails provide a glimpse into the seemingly contentious relationship between Diaz and the UFC. Notably, Diaz, in his pursuit of opportunities beyond the UFC, declined multiple contract offers from the organization.

While the UFC ultimately decided to part ways with Diaz, they strategically booked him against undefeated sensation Khamzat Chimaev for his farewell fight. The leaked emails, dating back to 2010, though potentially unrelated to the Chimaev negotiations, underscore Nate Diaz's persistent dissatisfaction with the UFC's compensation patterns.

In one email exchange, Joe Silva, the Matchmaker, suggested a well-known UFC tactic:

"If they turn it down, I put him in a prelim against a really tough guy for his last fight."

As the antitrust case unfolds, Bloody Elbow reporter John S. Nash is releasing emails between UFC executives, shedding light on the intricacies of Diaz's contract negotiations and the broader challenges within the world of MMA compensation.

Moreover, a shocking alleged email from former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta sheds light on the intricate discussions surrounding Nate Diaz's compensation.

In an email dated Tue, Apr 20, 2010, Fertitta wrote to Joe Silva and Dana White, expressing a stance on Nate Diaz's contract. Fertitta suggested maintaining the numbered offer, emphasizing Diaz's potential willingness to accept a reduced payout. The rationale extended to the belief that Diaz might have received an offer from Strikeforce before recent events unfolded.

Fertitta underscored the UFC's value proposition, pointing out that Diaz had garnered five structured bonuses in his last eight fights, along with the fixed figure, totaling 250k—a package unlikely to be matched by Strikeforce.

Check out the emails below:

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