"Leon has earned, Colby will sell" - Adam Catterall explains why Colby Covington, not Leon Edwards, is next for Kamaru Usman

Nate Diaz punching Leon Edwards (Left) and Colby Covington (Right)
Nate Diaz punching Leon Edwards (Left) and Colby Covington (Right)
Nick Langton

Leon Edwards beat Nate Diaz at UFC 263 after five rounds of intense action. However, he didn't get much of the plaudits after he was rocked by a Diaz combination in the last minute of the fight.

Instead of going in for the kill, Diaz mocked Leon Edwards, and the Brit managed to survive the final onslaught. That moment was the talking point of the fight, and even though Leon dominated the fight for the first four rounds, his name isn't really being mentioned for a title shot.

With this win, Leon Edwards is on a ten-fight unbeaten streak. However, Dana White confirmed that Colby Covington is still the one to face Kamaru Usman next. BT Sport journalist Adam Catterall explained why Covington is getting the title shot over Leon Edwards.

Catterall's point was that the UFC matchmakers focus on the business aspect of the sport more than the merit of the fighters. Sometimes both of these do coincide, like in the case of Conor McGregor, but when they don't, some good fighters don't get the fights they deserve.

He also mentioned that the former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington would sell more pay-per-views for the UFC in case of a fight against Kamaru Usman. While Leon Edwards might deserve the title shot, he's unlikely to get the fight.

Leon Edwards beats Nate Diaz after a crazy finish

This fight was always going to be one of the best fights on the card, and it delivered on the promises. Edwards dominated Diaz for four rounds, using his wrestling to subdue Diaz and subsequently opened up three massive cuts on Diaz's face.

However, the Stockton native came alive in the championship rounds and started to land his punches. It was too late for him in the last round, and he desperately needed a finish to win the fight. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the finish, and even though he did win the last round after rocking Edwards, his future doesn't seem to move towards the welterweight title.

It will be interesting to see if he chooses to fight again in 2021, as this was a tough fight against one of the best welterweights in the world.

Leon Edwards is probably hoping to face the winner of the fight between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. UFC president Dana White also hinted that an Edwards vs. Masvidal fight could be made.

Who do you think deserves a title shot more? Leon Edwards or Colby Covington? Sound off in the comments!

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Edited by Avinash Tewari
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