Liam Harrison shows perfect bait to leg kick KO in instructional video

Liam Harrison | Image courtesy of ONE
Liam Harrison | Image courtesy of ONE

ONE bantamweight Muay Thai star Liam Harrison is considered by many to be a master of the low kick in Muay Thai. Not only are his low kicks devastating, but they're also highly technical and sneaky. If you watch the instructional videos uploaded to his Instagram account, you'd know that 'The Hitman' mastered the art of subtlety when it comes to landing basic techniques.

In his recent Instagram video, we saw Liam Harrison explain how to set up his trademark lightning-fast low kick for devastating effect. As it turns out, the veteran striker studies his opponent's weight distribution to find out the perfect time to throw his legendary chopping kick. The technique is as subtle as they come.

Here's the video:

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Three words to describe Liam Harrison's punishing leg kick: subtle, sneaky, and devastating. Kicking your opponent's leg while it's firmly planted with his whole weight on it will increase the damage tenfold. That's why checking a low kick means lifting your leg so it won't absorb much impact.

Harrison's ingenious way of tricking his opponent to put weight on the front foot is not something all seasoned fighters see or even notice. Effective indeed.

Ironically enough, however, Harrison's last loss came by way of the low kick courtesy of former ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Hama. In the co-main event of ONE on Prime Video 1 last year, Liam Harrison challenged his division's then-world champion Nong-O for the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title

Liam Harrison and Nong-O started blasting each other with kicks right off the bat. Nong-O, however, has a bit of speed and power advantage over the Brit. Eventually, the Thai world champion landed a low kick from hell that wobbled Harrison and then followed it up with another.

The second low kick dropped Harrison and as the referee started the count, Harrison looked visibly dejected and was shouting at his corner that he couldn't get up anymore. After the disappointing loss, 'The Hitman' went under the knife to fix the damage on his leg, which was a product of years of wear and tear aggravated by Nong-O's kick.

Still in recovery, Harrison has made it public that he's planning to make a comeback later this year.

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