"Lmfaooooo he’s actually hilarious man" - Fans react to Dricus du Plessis sharing amusing conversation between him and Brendan Allen

Dricus du Plessis (left) and Brendan Allen (right) share a tense relationship [Images Courtesy: @dricusduplessis and @b_allen185 Instagram]
Dricus du Plessis (left) and Brendan Allen (right) share a tense relationship [Images Courtesy: @dricusduplessis and @b_allen185 Instagram]

UFC middleweight champion Dricus du Plessis and rising contender Brendan Allen seem to have a tense relationship. The UFC middleweight champion recently shed light on the events that led to their relationship turning sour, and fans reacted to the situation on social media.

When he is in the U.S.A, ‘Stillknocks’ trains at the Florida-based Kill Cliff FC. Allen has represented the same camp since 2020. According to du Plessis, he has not had a cordial relationship with Allen ever since they started training out of the same camp.

During a recent appearance on Smash Sports’ Banter with The Boys show, 'Stillknocks' shared a funny story of his interaction with Allen, which might have caused their relationship to get worse.

According to Dricus du Plessis, Allen was not happy when he joined the team for lunch and tried to keep himself distracted, which made things at the table awkward and tense. The South African said:

“I thought, as South Africans do, ‘let’s break the ice.’ He had lost his fight just before that and I know he has been vocal - he wants to fight me. He had a vest on and it had a tattoo with a date on it and it dated 2-7-1 or something like this.”

Numbers in that order are used to represent a fighter’s professional record (W-L-D). 'Stillknocks' took a jab at Allen over the tattoo and said:

“Hey, Brendan. That's a ‘2’ on your shoulder. Is that your fight record? And the whole table [tried to suppress the laughter]. I mean it’s a funny joke. It’s cool that you have your fight record tattooed on your shoulder. He looked up and he said, ‘That’s my daughter’s birthday.’”

The South African fighter thought that some friendly banter start a friendship between them, but Allen’s reaction led him to believe that he took the joke as a personal insult.

Watch du Plessis discuss the incident below (46:27):


A short clip from the show was reposted on @ChampRDS X handle. Fans reacted wholeheartedly to the story and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

@400aybo commented:

“Lmfaooooo he’s actually hilarious man.”

@Mat15648924 wrote:

“The fact that this infuriated Allen so much that he’s still salty to this day is hilarious.”

Other fans wrote:

"I just wanna chime in and say that Allen got finished by Giles and Strickland. Du Plessis has victories over Giles and Strickland."
"I know it wasn’t planned, but him making fun of Allen will put him in good standing with the MMA community so well done."

Catch more fan reactions below:

Fan reactions to Du Plessis
Fan reactions to Du Plessis

Brendan Allen explains why he took issue with Dricus du Plessis joking about his tattoo

Brendan Allen also narrated the same incident ahead of Dricus du Plessis' fight against Robert Whittaker at UFC 290. While speaking to Sportskeeda MMA in an exclusive interview, Allen explained why he felt du Plessis crossed the line, saying:

"We went to lunch - me, him [Dricus du Plessis], my friend Tuco, and one other person. I was sitting there and I was dealing with some stuff for my banking. I had a sleeveless shirt and it [the tattoo] set out like this [shows the tattoo]. [Du Plessis] goes, 'Is that your record? 2-7?' I was like, 'Okay.'"

He explained why the joke rubbed him the wrong way, saying:

"It's like you don't know me. So you don't have the right to joke with me like that."

Watch the interview below (1:10):


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