Logan Paul spills what went down in off-camera fight with Bradley Martyn: "I just popped his head like a speed bag"

Logan Paul (left) describes his off-camera fight with Bradley Martyn (right). [Image Courtesy: @loganpaul via Instagram and @bradleymartyn via Instagram]

A Logan Paul vs. Bradley Martyn fight has taken place, with the former as the winner, at least according to 'Maverick', who spoke about squaring off with the bodybuilder in a bare-knuckle MMA fight. Only the bout was never filmed, as Martyn objected to their unsanctioned crap being on camera.

In a recent appearance on his podcast co-host Mike Maljak's The Night Shift video on YouTube, 'Maverick' recounted his fight with Martyn on a phone call with his younger brother, Jake Paul. While it is impossible to verify the outcome of the fight, the older Paul brother claims to have bested Martyn.

According to Paul, he landed the only significant blows in the encounter, forcing a clinch from Martyn, which ultimately led to 'Maverick' taking him down. Paul further claims to have quickly secured top mount after a failed guillotine attempt from Martyn.

"He had his one arm in, you know with a guillotine you're supposed to do two? So, he had a decent position, but you're never going to get me with one arm, so I just slowly stayed calm, peeled it off, full mount. Now, I'm ready to f***ing tee off, and he knew that, so he flipped to his stomach."

Paul then claims that following Martyn's decision to roll onto his stomach, he managed to briefly find a rear-naked choke, but his grip wasn't tight enough. Nevertheless, as the WWE Superstar continued detailing their fight, the sequence was the beginning of the end.

"I had a rear-naked choke in for one second, but it slipped out, no legs. I didn't even need to because he was flat, and then I just popped his head like a speed bag. Bro, that sh*t was bouncing, it was soft too. Just bing, bing, bing."

Check out Logan Paul talking about fighting Bradley Martyn (22:52):


It appears then that Paul is the victor of the fight. He further hinted at being open to fighting Martyn in a sanctioned MMA bout, as opposed to the street fight that Martyn once flirted with.

Logan Paul once wrestled Paulo Costa

While Logan Paul is currently reigning as the WWE United States Champion, he wasn't always a professional wrestler. He was once a hot amateur wrestling prospect in his high school years, the skills of which enabled him to hold his own against top UFC middleweight Paulo Costa in a grappling session.

Check out Logan Paul wrestling Paulo Costa:

Credentials-wise, Paul competed in the Ohio High School Association State Championships, finishing in fifth. Following high school, he qualified for the OHSAA Division I Individual Championships upon enrolling at Ohio University.

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