"That is what you call living up to the hype" - Michael Bisping breaks down Brock Lesnar's time in the UFC

Michael Bisping (left), Brock Lesnar (right) [Bisping Image courtesy YouTube/MichaelBisping]
Michael Bisping (left), Brock Lesnar (right) [Bisping Image courtesy YouTube/MichaelBisping]
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Michael Bisping recently discussed Brock Lesnar's time in the UFC.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Bisping said that Lesnar was a hyped fighter who lived up to his billing. 'The Count' agreed that the WWE star was underskilled in fighting techniques such as jiu-jitsu and was in the promotion for only a short time. However, the former middleweight champion argued that 'The Next Big Thing' definitely lived up to his moniker:

"Brock Lesnar, I mean come on... UFC debut against Frank Mir. That didn't go his way... However, he rebounded and he rebounded in style. He came back and beat Heath Herring... dominated him and then he knocked out Randy 'The Natural' Couture to become the UFC heavyweight champion of the world. And then, he not only become the champ, he defended it twice."

Bisping also recalled how successful the fighter was in terms of pay-per-view sales:

"When we look at the pay-per-view buys, this man sold an incredible... a staggering amount in such a short amount of time. Seven million eight hundred and eighty-nine thousand buys in... seven fights. Almost eight million buys. I mean come on, that is impressive and that is what you call living up to the hype."

Check out Michael Bisping discuss Brock Lesnar's time in the UFC in the video below:


Michael Bisping believes Charles Oliveira vs. Conor McGregor is not happening anytime soon

Following his win over Justin Gaethje at UFC 274, Charles Oliveira challenged former lightweight king Conor McGregor to a title match next.

However, Michael Bisping believes that the Irish superstar has not completely recovered from the leg injury he suffered last year at UFC 264. 'The Count' is of the view that a fight between Oliveira and McGregor will not materialize anytime soon.

The Brit also highlighted that the Irishman currently weighs around 185-190lbs and will find it difficult to make the lightweight limit:

"Conor's not fighting this year... You want to have people, names like Conor McGregor, of course, he's the biggest star in the god***n sport but he's still recovering from a broken leg and he's still walking around at about 185-90 pounds. He's gonna have to get in shape, he's gonna have to lose some muscle."

Watch Michael Bisping discuss Charles Oliveira's recent win, Conor McGregor's return and more below:


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