"He looks 21" - Michael Bisping reacts to Anderson Silva knocking down Bruno Machado in exhibition boxing bout

Michael Bisping (L) via YouTube/ Michael Bisping; Anderson Silva (C) competes with Bruno Machado (R) during the Abu Dhabi Unity Boxing event
Michael Bisping (L) via YouTube/ Michael Bisping; Anderson Silva (C) competes with Bruno Machado (R) during the Abu Dhabi Unity Boxing event
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Michael Bisping seems quite impressed with Anderson Silva's performance in his latest exhibition boxing match.

Anderson Silva, who recently dazzled in the ring against Bruno Machado at the age of 47, does not appear to be concerned about age affecting his performance. Silva put on a banger performance in the exhibition match, throwing some vicious shots throughout the fight and scoring a brutal knockdown. Despite the fact that the match did not have a winner, 'The Spider' clearly had the greater performance.

The former UFC middleweight champ continues to impress everyone with his performances in the ring. Silva recently ventured into boxing after retiring from MMA last year.

Appearing in a recent episode of his Believe You Me podcast, 'The Count' seemed quite impressed with Silva's performance against 'Caveira'. He believes that the former MMA champion looked quite "invigorated" despite his age. The Brit also claimed that Silva looked as young as 21.

Speaking about his latest performance, the UFC Hall of Famer had this to say:

"Anderson looks fantastic. Ever since... I mean listen, we know he struggled at the end of the UFC. But certainly, he looks invigorated. He looks like a young man, I mean he took a shot in the middle of that. I mean his chin was always great, dropped him [Bruno Machado] with a beautiful right hook, does the old shoe shine, boom! comes over the top... He looks 21."

Check out Bisping and Smith discuss Anderson Silva's recent exhibition match:


Michael Bisping names Ben Askern as the biggest flop in the history of the UFC

Michael Bisping listed five fighters who, in his opinion, were the biggest flops in the promotion in a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel. Ben Askern was the first on 'The Count's list of the five fighters.

Giving a break down of the 37-year-old retired fighter's career in the UFC, Michael Bisping said:

"He went up against Robbie Lawler and in that fight, granted, he showed a tremendous amount of heart. Robbie Lawler, the ruthless one, pounded on his head... then Ben Askren turned it around and managed to win by a choke. And even though he'd won, the writing was on the wall that perhaps, he would now struggle to compete with the absolute elite in the UFC... The next person that he fought would be Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239... the fight was over even before it started... [Masvidal] jumped in the air, landed a flying knee, put him to sleep... And then shortly after that fight, Ben Askren by a choke to Demian Maia in October of 2019. So, sadly for Ben, in just six months in the UFC, he had been exposed like a pervert in a raincoat."

You can check out Bisping discuss some of the biggest flops of UFC in the video below:


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