"It is a little creepy" - Michael Bisping says he was 'accosted' by a robot in Singapore for not wearing a mask

Michael Bisping was on commentary duty at UFC 275 in Singapore
Michael Bisping was on commentary duty at UFC 275 in Singapore

Michael Bisping’s trip to Singapore went well, as the Brit witnessed some great fights at UFC 275, including an action-packed headliner between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira. However, the former UFC title holder had some interesting encounters with robots that apparently confronted him for not wearing a mandatory mask.

During the latest edition of his Believe You Me podcast, Michael Bisping shared his opinion about Singapore. He said that it is a beautiful but expensive place to visit. Another thing that ‘The Count’ pointed out is the wide usage of robots in daily activities. He recalled a run-in with the machines due to him not wearing a mask, which is mandatory indoors in Singapore:

“There’s a lot of robots around, believe or not. I got accosted by a couple of robots for not wearing a mask. I told it to go f*** itself.”

The show’s co-host Anthony Smith asked about the robots’ purpose, to which Bisping replied:

“They’re like these f***ing big robots... They just roll up to you. At breakfast in the hotel, because you’re supposed to have mask on indoors, but you can take it off when you’re eating. And then I just got up to grab something and I got accosted by a robot. Big smiley face and told me to put my mask on. F**k off, I’m having a coffee. Leave me alone… And they come around and take the trays away at breakfast as well. It is a little creepy.”

Watch the latest episode of Believe You Me with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith below:


Michael Bisping’s Jiri Prochazka vs. Glover Teixeira post fight review

The UFC light heavyweight title affair between then defending champion Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275 turned out to be an action-packed bout that ended in the fifth round. The Czech fighter choked out Teixeira to become the new champion in a shocking end to the barnburner matchup. The MMA community called the UFC 275 headliner one of the best fights in the division's history.

However, Bisping’s co-host and light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith stated that although the fight was incredibly entertaining, it was possibly the worst performance in both fighters’ careers.

Michael Bisping was present cageside at UFC 275 on commentary duty. Having witnessed the action live and after reviewing it over the past few days, Bisping agreed that the performance of both combatants was a little bit “sloppy”:

“It seemed that almost every single round but without s**t it’s got to go. Glover’s got him in a mount, dropping massive ground and pound. Then he gets out, then Jiri is landing massive bombs. It was very, very enjoyable fight. I understand what you’re saying it was a little bit, I guess maybe on the other, you know maybe a little bit sloppy. ”

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