"You have all the potential to become a champion" - Michael Bisping sends words of encouragement to Darren Till, suggests a move back down to welterweight

Darren Till (left) & Michael Bisping (right)
Darren Till (left) & Michael Bisping (right)

Darren Till, a betting favorite coming into the fight against Derek Brunson, suffered a tragic loss at the hands of his American contemporary. Michael Bisping was one of many who were counting on 'The Gorilla' to win. In the wake of his loss, 'The Count' had a few words of advice for the Liverpool native.

While in conversation with Caroline Pearce, Michael Bisping asked Darren Till to keep his spirits high, train harder and come back stronger.

"It's not over. Yes, it's a bump in the road. It halts the dreams for now, the title aspirations. Darren, keep your chin up mate. Listen, you got it. You got all the skills. You really do. You have all the potential to become a champion one day. Youth is on your side, but you've got to stay the course, stay focused. Do not give up on yourself," declared Michael Bisping.

Looking back on his own career, Michael Bisping admitted that he had experienced his fair share of ups and downs. However, he persevered and eventually found his way to the top of the food chain.

As far as Darren Till is concerned, 'The Count' sensed similar potential in his compatriot. He declared that he was a champion in the making, as long as he refused to give up.

Watch the highlights from Derek Brunson vs. Darren Till below:

Michael Bisping suggests a move back down to welterweight for Darren Till

Michael Bisping suggested that Darren Till lost because of the vast difference in physicality and strength between him and Derek Brunson. What's more, 'The Count' asked Till to consider a move back down to welterweight. According to Bisping, 'The Gorilla' will find fighters of a similar build at welterweight.

"He is only 28 years old, he needs to make some changes. I think perhaps a move back down to welterweight. Derek Brunson is a much bigger guy, I'm not talking heightwise. Heightwise, very similar. But when you look at the frame and with that frame and with that muscle comes a lot of strength," said Michael Bisping.

Till's last fight at welterweight was against Jorge Masvidal in 2019. The Liverpool native was knocked out by 'Gamebred' in the second round of the contest.

Catch the entire segment with Caroline Pearce and Michael Bisping below:

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Edited by Utathya Ghosh
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