Michael Chandler defends Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta amidst leaked messages controversy

Michael Chandler defends Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta
Michael Chandler defends Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta

Michael Chandler has defended Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta after alleged leaked messages between the two have been made public.

Content platform MMA On Point posted a video on Instagram explaining the latest class-action antitrust lawsuit against the UFC. In it, a supposedly leaked correspondence between the UFC president White and former CEO Fertitta shows how the two celebrated a cut-throat business move that's deemed detrimental to some fighters.

However, Chandler believes White and Fertitta did nothing unethical. The former UFC lightweight title challenger posted a comment on the video that said:

"Heaven forbid a business owner who has had 10x more sleepless nights than any of his employees/fighters wants to win...news flash...we all have matching rights in our contacts, bellator could have done the same thing to me if they wanted to pony up. This is the business...all other sports have the same thing happen daily. Those on lower rungs will always take aim at those on higher rungs instead of just focusing on climbing. See you at the top!"
Michael Chandler defends Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta
Michael Chandler defends Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta

Chandler has risen to prominence as one of the biggest homegrown Bellator stars. However, it appears that 'Iron' is firmly behind his new employers in their ongoing legal battle against former UFC fighters.

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta's controversial messages

The correspondence pertains to the UFC's move to prevent Gilbert Melendez from competing at Bellator MMA in 2014. Melendez reportedly agreed to a deal with Bellator before Lorenzo Fertitta used the UFC's matchmaking rights to compel him to fight Anthony Pettis instead. The alleged text exchange between White and Fertitta's was as follows:

Dana White: Bro, you know I love you to f***ing death as it is, but what you with Melendez and "other dude" is f***ing bad*ss. F***ing cutthroat nasty business move like you see in the movies. Good s*** homie. Congrats.

Lorenzo Fertitta: We gotta keep taking these f***ers oxygen till they tap out. We have sacrificed too much to let anyone get traction now.

Dana White: I agree. You are 100% correct and I love it.

However, it's important to note that the message exchange between the two UFC bosses hasn't been proven to be legitimate. The lawsuit is spearheaded by former UFC fighters Cung Le, Nate Quarry, Jon Fitch and more.

Watch MMA On Point's report:

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