"Mike signed the contract" - Jake Paul blasts KSI for criticizing his next fight against 57-year-old Mike Tyson

Jake Paul slams KSI
Jake Paul (right) slams KSI's (left) comments on his fight against 57-year-old Mike Tyson (inset) [Images courtesy: @jakepaul and @ksi on Instagram]

Jake Paul recently launched a scathing rebuttal against KSI's criticism of his upcoming bout against the significantly older Mike Tyson.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is set to fight boxing icon Tyson on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The event is slated to be streamed live on Netflix and will be available to all subscribers.

During a recent live session with Kick streamer Adin Ross, 'The Problem Child' took aim at his long-standing rival for downplaying the significance of his upcoming bout against Tyson:

"You wanna know the difference between Mike Tyson and KSI? It's that Mike Tyson will actually fight me. So who's a bitch now? 'Oh, Mike's this, Mike's that,' but Mike signed the contract you f**king b*tch KSI."

He added:

"Say whatever you want, but you also said a year ago that Mike Tyson would beat you, and you wouldn't take the fight because of that, so make up your f**king mind. You just sound like a cowardly b*tch."

Check out Jake Paul's comments below:

In a recent episode of his business partner Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, KSI lambasted the younger Paul sibling for his decision to fight 'Iron Mike', who is a remarkable 31 years older than his opponent. 'JJ' labeled the match as a "lose-lose fight" for him.

Paul's Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) juxtaposed KSI's recent comments with his previous confident assertions of defeating Tyson in a hypothetical match to promote the Paul vs. Tyson showdown. However, in the clip, the British YouTuber swiftly reversed his stance on these claims, acknowledging his error in analyzing the situation.

Check out the video below:

Dana White's apprehension for Mike Tyson in Jake Paul showdown

Dana White has recently hinted at his unease regarding the upcoming boxing clash between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson.

During the UFC 299 post-fight press conference, the UFC CEO pointed out the significant age gap between the fighters as a factor of concern leading up to the fight. White appeared cautious of potentially causing discomfort to his friend:

"He gets mad when I do this, but Mike's 60. What do you guys think about it? Who gives a sh*t what I think? It's not my fight. I love Mike Tyson, personally, as a friend, and he's one of my favorite athletes of all time. Let's see what he can do there, put together in training camp, and come in. I don't like to see guys fighting - a 31-year age difference, you guys know what I think of that stuff."

Check out Dana White's comments below:

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