“No one on Earth thought he’d look like this” - MMA Guru’s “jacked” photo with UFC fighter Dricus du Plessis leaves fans scratching their heads

The MMA Guru and Dricus du Plessis [Image Courtesy: @THATBOYMMAGURU via X/Twitter]

The MMA Guru is one of the sport's most well-known content creators. He built his following on YouTube, where his videos on all things MMA gained traction for his brutal honesty and dark humor. He is also noted for his stature and complicated relationship with certain UFC fighters.

For years, the MMA Guru was hounded by fans who taunted him over their perceptions of his physique; in short, that he was fat and out of shape. Perceptions that recent pictures have revealed were likely misguided. The popular YouTuber recently took to X/Twitter, where he posted two pictures of himself.

The pictures in question show him standing next to UFC middleweight title challenger Dricus du Plessis, whom he has interviewed in the past in support of him against Israel Adesanya, with whom the South African has feuded. The pictures revealed two stunning features about the MMA Guru: his height and physique.

He is leaner and more well-muscled than previously expected and exceptionally tall, standing several inches taller than Dricus du Plessis, who is 6 feet tall. The revelation led to a meltdown in the MMA online community, with many fans expressing their astonishment.

One fan referenced the YouTuber's past enmity with Michael Bisping, who he now believes would be dwarfed by him:

"Now his whole “I’d mog bisping standing next to him” has significant value"

Meanwhile, another comment expressed surprise over Guru's appearance:

"Not how I imagined you"

Others jokingly advised him to film his videos from a more favorable camera angle:

"404 Fat MMA GURU not found. Dude! You need a proper studio with a normal camera angle."

The humor was in full flow, as another fan jokingly compared Guru to UFC heavyweight Park Porter using TRT:

"Park porter is getting the trt treatment"

A collage of fan reactions can be seen below:

The MMA Guru was among the first MMA content creators to cover the Ian Garry fiasco

Ian Garry's name has been on countless headlines as of late. This has been largely due to the controversies surrounding his marriage to Layla Machado Garry, who, at 40 years old to his 26, is 14 years his senior. The situation was covered by the MMA Guru in several of his YouTube videos.

He highlighted that Richard Cullen, Layla Machado Garry's ex-husband, was hired as Ian Garry's nutritionist. Furthermore, he alleged that Cullen lived with the couple. Lastly, he revealed the existence of Layla Machado Garry's book, How to be a WAG, which is an 11-page instructional on how to seduce young athletes.

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Edited by Ken Cameron