"It can be discussed who won the fight" - Niclas Larsen on polarizing Petchmorakot vs. Jimmy Vienot Muay Thai title decision

(left) Petchmorakot (centre) Niclas Larsen (right) Jimmy Vienot [Credit: ONE Championship and Instagram@niclasrlarsen]
(left) Petchmorakot (centre) Niclas Larsen (right) Jimmy Vienot [Credit: ONE Championship and [email protected]rsen]

The Muay Thai title decision between Petchmorakot vs. Vienot raised a lot of eyebrows from fans, but ONE Featherweight Muay Thai fighter, Niclas Larsen believes that the outcome can be dissussed.

Read the full quote below:

“He’s doing quite well, he’s also a difficult dude to fight against but it was also interesting to see how he did against Jimmy Vienot. I believe that Jimmy really gave him a hard fight and it can be discussed who won the fight, I believe. The stars create also the fights; it could change in one punch, one kick, everything can happen. So yeah, I think he’s amazing fighter and he’s a very very wealthy champion as well.”

With that said, Niclas Larsen is excited to make history with ONE FC. Debuting this Friday, Larson intends on beating the best in the featherweight division.

The former Glory kickboxer's journey begins at ONE 158 against Tawanchai P.K. Saenchai. Niclas Larsen is an exciting fighter to watch and will bring his A-game this Friday at ONE 158.

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Niclas Larsen remains neutral but fans have made up their minds about Petchmorakot vs. Vienot at ONE 157

As Niclas Larsen remains neutral about the results of the title fight at ONE 157, the majority of the fans disagree.

In the first couple of rounds at ONE 157, Jimmy Vienot controlled the pace early. He punished the champion early with hard low kicks, dumping the Petchmorakot multiple times on the canvas.

It wasn't until the third round that Petchmorakot pushed the pace with his striking as Vienot became more fatigued. It was a close round but Petchmorakot won that round.

The most significant strike of the night landed in the fourth round when Petchmorakot unleashed a beautiful right hook to drop Vienot.

However, fans believed the champion didn’t bring the same energy in the fifth round to convincingly win the fight. Vienot appeared to show more aggression as he continued to score with low kicks and catching Petchmorakot's kicks.

Petchmorakot was announced the victor by split-decision and was awarded the $50,000 performance bonus. When the reigning champion was pressed about his performance in the post-fight interview, the reporter asked him what he would say to those fans who thought he lost the fight, he said:

“Instead of saying anything else, I want to say thank you for the fight. If they say that, I’m ready for a rematch.”

Going back to what Niclas Larsen said, about how the dynamic of the fight can change with just ‘one punch’ or ‘one kick,’ perhaps that one left hook that dropped Vienot was enough for the victory.

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