Watch: Up Close at ONE X featuring Rodtang, Demetrious Johnson, Angela Lee, Stamp Fairtex and more

No losers in this sport. Fighters of the co-main and main event of ONE X show respect. (Images courtesy of ONE Championship)
No losers in this sport. Fighters of the co-main and main event of ONE X show respect. (Images courtesy of ONE Championship)

Get your Kleenex ready as ONE X: Up Close might make you shed a tear or two.

This special video package shows a candid and intimate look into the triumphs and failures of the athletes at ONE X. We see a lot of moments we rarely see in the sport: from Itusku Hirata's heart-breaking sobs to Angela Lee's daughter, Ava Marie, saying hi to everyone backstage.

Not only that, the video also showed the action inside the cage from a different vantage point. We take a closer look into the action, including what the corner of each fighter says in-between rounds. It's quite a unique vantage point as well, as folks from home can feel what it's like to watch ONE fights from beside the cage.

We also see lots of moments of respect as well, including between fighters and coaches. We see warriors almost kill each other in a cage, but after the final bell rings, they kneel and bow their heads to celebrate the war they've survived together.

Demetrious Johnson and Rodtang showing respect to each other after nearly decapitating each other is one of the best things about combat sports. It's absolutely wholesome and inspiring to see.

Some of the more heart-breaking parts of the video include the aforementioned Hirata, who lost for the first time in her career at ONE X. It's as real as it gets. Not many in the world can relate to the elation one can feel upon winning a professional fight.

The same can be said about losing. The weight of all the months of preparation and the pressure to win in front of the world can cause someone to break down in utter frustration and disappointment. Here's to hoping Hirata comes back stronger after this setback.

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"That body shot hurt" - Angela Lee on almost getting finished by Stamp Fairtex at ONE X

In a three-part card that absolutely delivered on all fronts, it was perhaps the main event that solidified ONE X as the greatest martial arts event in history.

The see-saw battle between returning champion Angela Lee and kickboxer-turned-MMA fighter Stamp Fairtex was one for the books. Even before the fight started, the stories behind each fighter's journey to ONE X were enough to compel you to watch.

The fight itself was an instant classic. Both fighters had their time to shine as Stamp nearly ended Lee's undefeated streak in the division with a body shot straight from hell. The champion survived and came back with a grappling barrage that allowed her to submit her challenger in the second round.

After the fight, the undisputed atomweight champ Angela Lee had this to say about her opponent and having to overcome that body shot:

"You know what, that body shot hurt. But I can tell you, that my contractions that I was having when I was in labor hurt more than that. But I got to give credit to Stamp, you know. I love her. She's amazing. I love her so much that I avoided her this fight week because I knew when I saw her, I was going to give her a hug. She's an amazing person, you know. She trains hard and to do what we do at the highest level, I just keep fighting to the very very end. So I knew I had it, I was close to finishing, I didn't want to chance it, you know, I fought to the very end. squeezed it, held it, so thank you, Eva Marie [to daughter], Mama did it for you, baby girl."

It was the perfect ending to a near-perfect event. ONE X has proven that ONE Championship is one of the best fight leagues today and is not going anywhere. Here's to hoping we see more cards like this from ONE this year and in the future.

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