Paddy Pimblett details Conor McGregor almost turning up at his house several years ago – "I think he knocked on the wrong door" 

Paddy Pimblett (left) and Conor McGregor (right). [via Getty Images]
Paddy Pimblett (left) and Conor McGregor (right) [via Getty Images]

Paddy Pimblett recently revealed details about the time when Conor McGregor nearly turned up at his house in Liverpool.

In 2017, when Conor McGregor was at the peak of his powers and reigned supreme over the UFC's lightweight and featherweight divisions, he went on a partying tear in Liverpool. It was during McGregor's Liverpool exploits that he almost turned up at Pimblett's house.

'The Baddy' spoke to Ray Parlour and Alan Brazil on the show Pub Talks and narrated that McGregor was supposed to come over with a Scouse acquaintance:

"He [McGregor] was meant to have [turned up] but I think he knocked on the wrong door. When he was on that mad bender in Liverpool years ago when there was videos of him in a treehouse like that. Ermmm...he came... He was meant to have come to my house because he was with another Scouser at the time."

Watch the video of McGregor in the treehouse from five years ago:


Pimblett mentioned his excitement and the efforts he made to to ensure that he had some record of 'The Notorious' at his house. However, it wasn't to be:

"But my momma, she had a camera, not a ring doorbell because it was well before them was like 2016. So obviously, I rang me mum, I was like, 'Hey, check the cameras there because if McGregor's knocking on our house, it's getting videoed and put on me Insta immediately.' And, he never [knocked]... But I wish he did!" [sic]

Watch Paddy Pimblett's full interview with Pub Talk on Mola TV:


Anthony Smith responds to Conor McGregor's Twitter rant over substance abuse

Anthony Smith made some remarks about Conor McGregor's current physique and speculated about potential PED (Performance-enhancing drugs) use. It prompted a multi-tweet rant from McGregor on Twitter.

Check out his series of tweets addressing Smith below:

Conor McGregor responds to Anthony Smith’s USADA criticismFull story:…

Smith responded to Conor McGregor on a recent episode of the Believe You Me podcast with Michael Bisping. 'Lionheart' claimed that the same rules as other fighters don't apply to the Irishman:

"What bothers me is that guys like Anderson [Silva], Chris Weidman, and myself have had bad injuries, and we did not have the ability to just step out of the USADA pool, get ourselves healed, and come back with no repercussions... Did he break any rules? You [Michael Bisping] said, 'Technically he's not breaking any rules.' That's because different rules apply to him."

Check out Anthony Smith's rebuttal below on YouTube:


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