Paddy Pimblett reacts after YouTuber claims he is facing "serious health ramifications" for cutting 50 pounds ahead of UFC 282 – "Yous are all blowing this out of proportion badly" 

Screenshot of Mike Dolce
Screenshot of Mike Dolce's Instagram post (left) [Image courtesy: @thedolcediet on Instagram] and Paddy Pimblett (right)

Paddy Pimblett is a foodie. He often blows up in weight when he is outside of fight camp, gaining up to 60 pounds in weight.

Before he entered the UFC, Pimblett's massive weight fluctuations were not even known. But due to his rise in popularity since debuting in the promotion, many have spoken out about the dangers of Pimblett's drastic weight gain.

'The Baddy' is fighting at UFC 282 on December 11. He released a video on YouTube several days ago claiming he would be cutting 50 lbs from now until the fight.

Mike Dolce, a nutrition expert who has worked with MMA fighters in the past, released a video on Instagram explaining why the 50 lbs. cut will be harmful. Paddy Pimblett commented on the video, claiming that everyone was blowing things out of proportion.

Dolce stated:

"Paddy is unfortunately incurring serious health ramifications, that may not be obvious to him yet. But he will wake up one day over the line."

Watch the video below:

Paddy Pimblett replied to the video in the comment section and said the following:

"I don’t actually cut 50lbs from start of camp come on ppl. I started my diet Monday the 24th October and was 87.6kg which is 193lbs yous are all blowing this out of proportion badly. I just carry the weight in my cheeks."

See the comment below:

Screenshot of Pimblett's comment on Mike Dolce's Instagram post
Screenshot of Pimblett's comment on Mike Dolce's Instagram post

Paddy Pimblett previews fight at UFC 282, has bad intentions for his opponent

Paddy Pimblett will be fighting Jared Gordon in the co-main event of UFC 282. Both men are coming off victories in their last bout and will be full of confidence ahead of the clash.

Neither lightweight is currently ranked in the UFC, but a strong performance by either man on December 11 could slide them into the top 15.

Pimblett recently previewed his clash against 'Flash':

"I think I'm better than him everywhere, got better wrestling, better jiu-jitsu, better striking, better cardio and more heart. I think he's been a nice fella, he's been respectful and he's come through a lot of adversity in his life. I'm gonna feel bad snapping his jaw. If he tries to stand with me I'm gonna break his nose."

Watch the video below:

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