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'Platinum' Mike Perry recalls incident in which he gave his father a black eye for two weeks

Mike Perry
Mike Perry
Deepit Sharma
Modified 20 Feb 2021

Mike Perry recently took to Twitter to share an incident from back when he was in kindergarten with his fans. He recalled giving his father a black-eye for two weeks, albeit by accident.

The incident took place when Perry's father accompanied him to school on his first day of kindergarten. There, Mike Perry accidentally leaned too far back into his father, head-butting his eyes in the process. Narrating the incident, Mike Perry wrote:

"I remember this time when I was a kid. It was my first day at kindergarten and my dad was waiting outside with me for the teacher to open the door. When he tries to say goodbye, I leaned back and head-butted him. Black eye for two weeks! Ms. Goodwill was shocked."

Tracing Mike Perry's journey to the UFC

Born in Flint, Michigan, Mike Perry had a rather unstable childhood. He kept shifting schools between Michigan and Florida, the residence of his mother and father. Speaking to MMA Junkie about his schooldays in Michigan, Mike Perry said:

"I was one of maybe 10 white kids in the whole school, so I was bullied a lot. It was the same thing at other schools. I wouldn’t back down, so I would get into fights."

The kind of lifestyle that Perry was leading eventually landed him in a world filled with drugs and crime.

"I never learned the right ways. When my parents tried to teach me, I just didn’t listen. I didn’t think they had anything to tell me. Now, I know better. Now I know what it takes to be an adult and I’m using that in my career," said Perry.

Mike Perry was introduced to MMA through one of his father's friends. His interest in the sport grew to the point that MMA was all that he thought of.

"On a paper, I basically wrote my name and that I wanted to be the UFC champion of the world. I’ve had some bumps, but I’ve felt that way for a long time," revealed Perry.

Mike Perry, at one point, even worked at a UFC gym as a trainer in Winter Springs, Florida. He then turned professional in 2014 after putting together an amateur record of 8-3, all whilst working in the gym. Out of his first 9 fights, 6 were round one knockouts, 2 were round two knockouts, and 1 was a third-round knockout.

Today, Perry has an MMA record of 14-7 and competes in the UFC's welterweight division. He is scheduled to fight Daniel Rodriguez on April 10th.

Published 20 Feb 2021, 19:16 IST
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