PPV earnings explained: What percentage of PPV sales do boxers get?

Canelo Alvarez v Jermell Charlo
Canelo Alvarez earns a lot of money off of PPV sales. [Image Courtesy: Getty Images]

What percentage of PPV sales do boxers get? Well, it will differ depending on the fighter.

The world of professional boxing is a wild one. If you're at the bottom of the sport, you're very likely going to only make a few hundred dollars depending on who you're facing. However, if you're at the top of the sport, you can become one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet.

Stars such as Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez are proof of how well the sport can pay at the top level. In boxing, fighters get paid massive amounts through a combination of elements. While their purses are a big chunk of their pay, they also make a lot of money from PPV sales and the live gate.

What percentage of PPV sales do boxers get?

Boxers typically get anywhere between 10% and 20% of PPV revenue from a given card.

Recently, fans likely saw that Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney made millions from their DAZN PPV boxing match. 'KingRy' reportedly walked away with $50 million, while 'The Dream' earned $35 million. While Garcia wasn't the champion entering the contest, Haney agreed to take a smaller revenue split.

That's mainly because the fight was an incredibly profitable one. While the boxer's purse amounts aren't known, they made most of their pay on the backend thanks to PPV sales. Depending on a boxer's deal with their promoter, they can get up to 20% of PPV revenue.

When it comes to PPV revenue, boxers also typically get a bigger share than MMA fighters. In the UFC, headliners typically get $1 for every PPV sold, but it can go as high as $3 depending on the fighter's deal. Some boxers, however, earn far more than just 20%.

Some of the biggest stars in the sport work as their promoter, and take home a massive cut as a result. That's the reason why Floyd Mayweather made millions upon millions of dollars. 'Money' self-promoted his boxing matches for the second half of his career after leaving Top Rank.

However, even if you're a top draw, not all boxers want to deal with the promotional side of things. Take the great Canelo Alvarez for example. While the Mexican superstar could likely self-promote and make more money, he chooses to work with PBC.

One thing is for sure though, high-level boxers are getting paid incredibly well.

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