Sean O'Malley says Francis Ngannou's request for wearing his own sponsors inside the octagon must be "tough" for the UFC

Sean O
Sean O'Malley (left); Francis Ngannou (right)

Sean O'Malley recently shared his thoughts on Francis Ngannou's contract negotiations with the UFC that led to 'The Predator's eventual departure from the promotion.

The former heavyweight champion requested sponsorship and health insurance for all UFC fighters, as well as an advocate to represent fighters in company meetings.

.@francis_ngannou explains what he wanted, other than money, from the UFC in negotiations 📝 #TheMMAHourThe list included:• The right to sponsorship• Health insurance• A fighter advocate to represent the fighters in meetings▶️

Speaking on their podcast, TimboSugarShow, O'Malley's co-host and coach, Tim Welch, expressed surprise that the UFC didn't at least cave in to Ngannou's request for in-cage sponsors. O'Malley, the No.1-ranked bantamweight, responded:

"Yeah, that's a tough, tough, tough, tough-ity, tough, tough one. You give him a little bit and then you got to give this guy a little bit then 'Sugar Show' [himself] is a f**king triple champ and he wants to f**king walk out with a b**er, you know what I mean?"

Welch further shared that he was under the impression that the UFC offered health insurance to its fighters. He then asked O'Malley if he had ever used UFC's health insurance, which is only provided if a fighter is injured during a fight or training camp.

In response, O'Malley stated:

"I used the UFC's insurance like after a fight. If something hurts, I go get an MRI or an X-ray or some s**t."

O'Malley added that he has never used the UFC's health insurance during training or in his everyday life. While Ngannou was unable to come to terms on a new deal with the UFC, it remains to be seen if more fighters will follow in his footsteps and demand better contracts.

Watch Sean O'Malley discuss Francis Ngannou's departure from the UFC below (starting at the 11:05 mark):


Sean O'Malley believes Alex Pereira could be Jamahal Hill's first title defense

Jamahal Hill became the UFC's light heavyweight champion at UFC 283 with a dominant victory over Glover Teixeira, who retired after the bout. Despite the light heavyweight title picture being crowded, O'Malley believes UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira could be Hill's first title defense.

#UFC283 Official Scorecard: Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill (@JamahalH) 👇All Tonight’s Scorecards ➡️:…

Speaking on his podcast, TimboSugarShow, Sean O'Malley stated:

"Alex Pereira probably gets that next fight. They need big fights. UFC needs s**t right now popping and that's popping."

While Pereira is yet to defend his middleweight title, there has been talk of him moving up. There is also precedent for him to receive the chance to become a double champ without defending his title; Conor McGregor never defended his featherweight belt before becoming the promotion's first double champ.

McGregor, however, was far more popular and valuable to the UFC.

Watch Sean O'Malley share his thoughts on Jamahal Hill's first title defense below (starting at the 4:44 mark):


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