"So how old was she?" - Sean Strickland confronted Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry about their controversial 'grooming' relationship on UFC 268 bus 

Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry (Left), Sean Strickland (Right) [Image courtesy: @MMAFighting on Twitter, Getty]
Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry (left), Sean Strickland (right) [Images courtesy: @MMAFighting on Twitter, Getty]

Sean Strickland has publicly questioned the relationship between Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry on several occasions. Namajunas, 30, has been dating her coach Barry, 43, for over a decade now.

According to Strickland, coaches like Barry assume a 'father role' to groom female fighters, which he views as predatory behavior. Strickland's close associate and training partner Chris Curtis recently revealed that the UFC middleweight once confronted Rose Namjunas and Pat Barry about their relationship in person.

Curtis was en route to his promotional debut at UFC 268 which featured 'Thug' in a co-headliner clash against Zhang Weili, when the incident happened. 'Action-Man' said on The Man Dance podcast with Strickland:

"It was my debut fight, we were on the bus and Rose and Pat are there. And Sean just immediately starts going in and it just doesn't stop. And we're on the way to the venue and I'm like, 'Bro, I'm in my own head, they are in their own head.' She lost that fight and that's the one they blamed you for, right?... In all fairness I'm with Rose on this one. We are on our way to the f***ing thing and Sean is like, 'So how old was she?'"

Catch Curtis' comments below (33:52):


Curtis couldn't correctly recall the outcome of the fight which Rose Namajunas went on to win via decision. However, 'Action-Man' was right about Sean Strickland being blamed for one of Namajunas' losses.

Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry: Sean Strickland questioning their relationship allegedly affected 'Thug's' fight

Rose Namajunas put on one of the most lackluster performances in UFC title fight history on her way to a decision loss against Carla Esparza at UFC 274 last year. It was around the same time that Strickland went on a spree calling out coaches like Pat Barry and Jim West for having relationships with their students.

According to Barry, the ruckus stirred up by Sean Strickland was partly to blame for Rose Namajunas' UFC 274 loss against Esparza. Barry said on The MMA Hour:

“This whole Sean Strickland thing that is all over the place everywhere. Years ago, Rose did an interview and said ‘I joined Rufussport when I was 14 years ago, and then I left Rufussport for a few years. Then I came back to Rufussport, to pursue my MMA career, and that’s where I met my fiancee Pat Barry.' When the guy wrote the interview up, he wrote ‘Rose Namajunas joined Rufussport when she was 14 years old where she met her fiance Pat Barry, when she was 14 years old.'"

Catch Barry's comments below (1:14:24):


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