"Something I’d never do" - Ebanie Bridges slams KingPyn's Daniella Hemsley for flashing, argues weighing in wearing lingerie is way different 

Ebanie Bridges
Daniella Hemsley (left) and Ebanie Bridges (right)

Australian professional boxer Ebanie Bridges has slammed KingPyn's Daniella Hemsley for flashing.

Daniella Hemsley was in action at KingPyn's semifinals event against Aleksandra Daniel on Saturday, July 15. At the end of an exciting five-round matchup, Hemsley was awarded a unanimous decision victory.

However, the most talked about moment came after her fight as Daniella Hemsley decided to celebrate her win by lifting her shirt and flashing on the live broadcast. Addressing the same situation, Ebanie Bridges took to Twitter and spoke about how weighing in while wearing lingerie is different from actually flashing on the live broadcast.

While further claiming that she would never do something like this, Bridges's said:

"I think tonight all y’all that complain / about me & say I 'show my tits' saw what 'showing your t*ts' actually looks like… somthing I’d never do. There is weighing in in Underwear like everyone else… but having big b**bs…. And then theres actually showing ur tits on TV. I get why she’s done it… she’s an “influencer” it’s all about views & she knows it would break the internet, get views & everyone would be talking about it. So she has succeeded in that… it’s influencer boxing their goal is to break the internet. But now please stop saying I show my t*ts LOL cos i fucken dont. And I don’t need to to break the internet I do that clothed."

In a tweet that followed, Ebanie Bridges said:

"Ps - she had great b**bs tbf hahaha & anyone who is going on about how it’s bad for womens boxing - firstly it’s influencer boxing & secondly, it’s really not going to effect it, let’s be real. All it’s gonna do is get that influencer more exposure, more followers & more money."

Ebanie Bridges is adamant about never fighting in the UFC

Ebanie Bridges has grown to be a popular boxer with a record of 9-1 so far. The 36-year-old also enjoys a significant following on social media. While she has only competed in the squared circle so far, many believe that the 'Blonde Bomber' would have done well in the UFC.

However, it looks like the Australian does not have any interest in competing in the UFC. Speaking about the same during an interview with BitcoinCasinos, Bridges said:

"Nah, I'll never do the UFC. I love boxing too much and I'm old... I don't have the time to learn to do all that."

Catch Ebanie Bridges' comments below (3:25):

Edited by Saiyed Adeem Karim
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