“That was f****** epic” - Demetrious Johnson goes nuts on Oleksandr Usyk’s win over Tyson Fury for undisputed heavyweight throne

Demetrious Johnson (circle inset) reacts to Oleksandr Usyk
Demetrious Johnson (circle inset) reacts to Oleksandr Usyk's victory over Tyson Fury.

Demetrious Johnson always said that he'd be a fan of combat sports, and one of the matches that got him out of his seat was Oleksandr Usyk's historic win over Tyson Fury.

Usyk became boxing's first undisputed heavyweight world champion in the four-belt era when he beat Fury via split decision to unify the WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF, with The Ring Magazine, world titles this past weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Johnson shot a reaction video during the fight, and the ONE flyweight MMA world champion completely lost his wits when the smaller Usyk hammered away at the 6-foot-9 Fury.

In a snippet of his reaction video he posted on Instagram, Johnson was at wit's end when the 6-foot-3 Usyk had Fury on the verge of a potential stoppage in the ninth round.

Demetrious Johnson exclaimed:

"Stay on him! Get the f*** out of the way ref! Oh s***! Looks like he's at a f****** bar right now. He literally is at a f****** bar. He's like 'yeah yeah.' Oh that was f****** epic. Holy s***!"

He then added before the official results were announced:

"Great f****** fight, great f****** fight man. Who do I have winning the fight? That round 9 and round 6, were probably the biggest rounds. I have the fight winning for Usyk Before it goes live."

Demetrious Johnson wants a boxing match against the legendary Manny Pacquiao

Demetrious Johnson's love for boxing has increased over the past few weeks, and there is one man he'd like to face in 'The Sweet Science' if he's given the chance.

In one of the previous episodes of his Mighty Podcast, Johnson revealed he'd like to don the boots and gloves to square off against the legendary Manny Pacquiao.

He said:

"I'm 37, going to be 38 this year. There comes a point in time when an athlete needs to stop [and] chill. I'm getting ready for my next jiu-jitsu competition. So when my body is ready for a hard training camp, I'd love to box."

Johnson added:

"And it would have to be the right opponent. If it was Manny Pacquiao, f**k it, I'm doing it. I don't want to box another MMA guy. I wouldn't mind, but I want to box a legend of the sport."

Watch the entire episode below:


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