"That insult really did the trick DC" - Jon Jones fires back at Daniel Cormier for "You're still as dumb" comment

UFC 214: Cormier vs Jones 2
UFC 214: Cormier vs Jones 2

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are back at it yet again after a comment from DC about Jones' knockout power at heavyweight. In a recent addition to the war that ensued over Twitter, Jon Jones retaliated against Daniel Cormier, calling him dumb. Jon Jones reminded Daniel Cormier of his credentials and added salt by referring to his knockout of DC at UFC 214. Jon Jones said-

"33 years old with the option to be retired, took a break from the game with records you could only dream of, was clever enough to set you up with a head kick and crush one of your biggest sporting goals, yet you call me the dumb one. yea, that insult really did the trick DC."

In a follow-up to this, Jon Jones posted another Tweet stating he was enjoying his time away from the limelight and has only entered the feud to assert facts. Jon Jones further wrote:

"I’m out here being a dad, enjoying the fruits of my labor, my friends hit me up asking if I see what’s being said on the Internet. I login respond with straight facts and go back to minding my business."

What ticked off Jon Jones

Jon Jones' recent Twitter posts came in response to Daniel Cormier calling him dumb. The feud was initially sparked off as Daniel Cormier questioned Jon Jones' knockout power ahead of his anticipated divisional debut at heavyweight. In an interview with ESPN MMA, Jon Jones said-

"Jon Jones will not knockout anybody (at heavyweight). He doesn't hit hard enough. If he couldn't knock these dudes at 205 (lbs), he's not knocking these heavyweights out."

Known for his rivalry with DC, Jon Jones responded by posting a montage, mocking Daniel Cormier's knockout at UFC 214.

In response, Daniel Cormier posted a tweet ridiculing Jon Jones for being aggravated by his comments. Also reminding Jon Jones of his drug-related fiasco, DC wrote:

"There is a difference punch vs kick, you’re still as dumb as you’ve always been, you’ll never surprise me. Dance for me, I can always make you move. And lastly , this fight didn’t count if you forgot there was an issue...... remember?"

Daniel Cormier is now retired, while Jon Jones is busy making the transition to the heavyweight division. However, it's clear that the old rivalry still remains between the two fighters.

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