"These are just blatant lies" - Fans "fact check" Dana White with numbers as he claims Power Slap has more followers than Real Madrid

Dana White's (center) claims about Power Slap draw scrutiny from fans [Image Courtesy: Getty Images and @powerslap via Instagram]

Dana White has just made such a bold claim about the Power Slap League that fans are now flocking to correct him. The UFC CEO is known for relentlessly championing Power Slap, his polarizing slap-fighting promotion.

Now, during a recent sitdown on the FLAGRANT podcast, he made one of the most jaw-dropping claims about Power Slap that he ever has.

"We have more followers than every single professional sport. Every professional sports team, we have more followers than them, in 15 months."

When asked by co-host Andrew Schulz, who is more than familiar with the UFC CEO, if Power Slap had more followers than Real Madrid, White made a stunning claim.

"I don't know about the soccer teams, but I would say yes. Every f***ing sports team we have more followers, so I would say yes."

Check out Dana White's comments about Power Slap's social media following (32:05):


However, could such a statement hold up against scrutiny? Fans on social media were astonished by White's claim, which one comment indicated could be disproved by a 30-second Google search.

"Two California NBA teams clear Powerslap's Instagram and TikTok follower count. Btw, Real Madrid's TikTok has 45m+ followers. These are just blatant lies that took 30 seconds to factcheck. Bring in the community notes."

Another fan wondered whether White was insulting the fans' intelligence.

"Does he think we're stupid"

Another fan pointed out that Real Madrid's global reach and popularity far eclipsed Power Slap.

"Doesn't even have 5 million between X insta and rumble.. Real Madrid have 162 million just on insta"

Another fan again mentioned Real Madrid's popularity, pointing out the club's viewership in the UEFA Champions League final.

"The last Real Madrid game was probably watched by more people than the last 15 events in the UFC and Power Slap combined."

Others merely scoffed at White's statements.

"Bro's becoming a yapper"

A collage of fan reactions can be seen below:

Fan reactions to Dana White's statement
Fan reactions to Dana White's statement

Power Slap continues to polarize and divide fans, but White has maintained his ardent support for the promotion in light of rampant criticism.

Dana White has made similar statements about Power Slap

This isn't the first time that Dana White has made extraordinary claims about Power Slap in relation to other sports. Last year, following UFC 288, the UFC head honcho said:

"If you take the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, F1, WWE and, who am I forgetting, and added them all together, their [social media] numbers don't compare to Slap's."

Check out Dana White's comments about Power Slap (11:15):


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