"This is not sexism" - WBC President reacts to Amanda Serrano's decision to vacate title

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz - Weigh-in
Jake Paul v Nate Diaz - Weigh-in

The WBC has responded to Amanda Serrano's title comments.

'The Real Deal' returned to the ring with a unanimous decision win over Danilla Ramos in October. That bout was a historic one, as it was the first women's title fight held with the same rules as men since 2007. For those unaware, women fight ten two-minute rounds.

However, Serrano's fight with Ramos was the same ruleset as men, taking place across 12 three-minute rounds. Earlier this week, she announced that she would only fight under a ruleset that is the same as men. Along with that, she vacated her WBC female featherweight title.

At the time, Amanda Serrano made it clear that she felt that the WBC was being unfair by not having the same rules for men and women. Now, council President Mauricio Sulaiman has done an interview with Sky Sports, hitting back at those claims.

Speaking in the interview, the WBC President made it clear that they aren't sexist. However, they also don't plan to change the rules for men and women. In the interview, Sulaiman stated:

"There is not much to say. The WBC has changed the world of boxing in many ways to make our sport safer and will never compromise safety for popularity. This is not discrimination, this is not sexism, this is not about equality it is about safety and safety only. WBC has specific guidelines and rules for women in boxing, including not charging any sanction fees to any female boxer."

Who will fight for Amanda Serrano's title following her vacancy?

The WBC wasted no time trying to find someone to fight for Amanda Serrano's title.

'The Real Deal' is currently hoping to score a big fight next, potentially even a rematch with Katie Taylor. 'KT' is fresh off a win over Chantelle Cameron last month and also has a history with Serrano.

However, whatever happens next, Serrano won't be competing for the WBC. Furthermore, it didn't take long for the council to find two suitable boxers to compete for the featherweight title.

Yesterday, the WBC ordered Skye Nicolson vs. Sarah Mahfoud, with the winner, to get Amanda Serrano's title. The Australian currently holds a 9-0 undefeated record and is publically called to face 'The Real Deal' following her most recent win.

Following Serrano's decision to vacate, Nicolson publically hinted that she was the reason why. Regardless, she will now get the chance to fight for gold against Mahfoud in 2024.

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