Eddie Hearn says he'd have been "delighted" to see Chantelle Cameron win against Katie Taylor

Boxing In Dublin - Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylor
Boxing In Dublin - Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylor

Eddie Hearn has reacted to the aftermath of Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron.

'KT' and 'II Capo' returned to the ring earlier this month to face off once again. The bout was a rematch of their prior encounter in May in Dublin. That night saw Cameron upset the Irishwoman by majority decision.

Due to Taylor activating their rematch clause, they quickly ran it back. In the rematch earlier this month, the two women put on another incredible bout. This time, however, it had much more controversy, mainly thanks to a first-round knockdown.

Well, that's what Chantelle Cameron thought it should've been anyway. Near the end of the first frame, Katie Taylor went crashing to the mat after a tough jab. However, the referee called it a slip. If the knockdown was counted, Cameron would still be the champion. After ten rounds, Taylor won by majority decision.

The British boxer's team has stated that they felt "robbed" by the fight. For his part, Matchroom executive Eddie Hearn was asked about the controversial nature of the rematch in an interview with Boxing Social. There, he stated that he was in agreement with the decision.

There, he stated:

"I was delighted to see [Taylor] win, but I would've been delighted to see Chantelle win. That's difficult because she left the arena and everyone feels like they never got a fair crack of the whip. I thought Katie was outstanding, I thought she won the fight unquestionably."

See his comments in the video below (3:00)


Will there be a Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron 3?

Despite the controversy, Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron 3 is likely on the way.

In the aftermath of the bout, 'II Capo' stated that she was frustrated and felt like she didn't get a fair shake. It's not entirely unfair criticism, as she didn't have a rematch clause heading into the bout, while Taylor forced the second clash herself.

Although, that doesn't seem like it will matter. Following the win, Taylor announced plans to try and make the trilogy bout with Cameron. In fact, she wants the bout to take place at the historic Croke Park venue in Ireland.

Although holding Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron 3 on the Irishwoman's home turf won't do much to avoid talks of "robbery", that doesn't really matter. That appears to be Matchroom's goal as of now.

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