"We were denied a knockdown" - Coach claims Chantelle Cameron was "set up to lose" against Katie Taylor by biased officiating 

Boxing In Dublin - Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylor
Boxing In Dublin - Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylor

There is controversy surrounding the Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron 2 result.

'KT' and 'II Capo' faced off in a high-profile bout over the weekend in Dublin. As many fans know, the fight was a rematch of their first encounter in May. There, Taylor suffered the first loss of her career by a majority decision.

Months later, they ran it back in the same building. This time around, it was Cameron who suffered an upset loss by a majority decision. Once again, it was a ten-round brawl that saw both women dish it out as much as they took it.

However, there was controversy in Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron 2. In round one, 'KT' hit the mat after a stiff jab. Although, it was called a slip and not a knockdown. Had it counted, 'II Capo' would still be the undisputed light-welterweight champion.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live Boxing, Cameron's coach, Jaime Moore, revealed she believes that it should've counted. Speaking post-fight, the trainer opined:

“She just feels like this whole scenario, everything was set up for her to lose... We were denied a knockdown in the first round, which should have been. 100% legitimate knockdown. I begged the referee in the changing room before the fight, please last time, she got away with holding a lot... And he allowed her to go on worse this time than it was last time."

Will there be a Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor 3?

Partially thanks to the controversy, it appears that Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor 3 is on the books for 2024.

'II Capo' and 'KT' faced off largely thanks to a rematch clause in their first contract. Unfortunately for the British boxer, she has no clause to get another bout with Taylor following her upset loss. This means it's up to Taylor to give her another crack at the gold.

That being said, not all hope is gone as of yet. Following the fight, Katie Taylor showed interest in a trilogy bout with Chantelle Cameron. Furthermore, it seems that Eddie Hearn is already scoping out locations in Ireland, including Croke Park.

While Jamie Moore and Team Cameron are frustrated, there is recourse. They'll likely get a trilogy bout on the books for some time in 2024. That being said, it has to be frustrating, given the knockdown controversy. Had it counted, there wouldn't be a trilogy at all.

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