Derek Brunson wears 'I beat up domestic abusers' shirt to UFC 271 media day, wants fighters caught in such activities punished

Derek Brunson is heralded amongst the top UFC middleweights today
Derek Brunson is heralded amongst the top UFC middleweights today
Johny Payne

Derek Brunson has set the MMA community abuzz with the shirt he wore during his UFC 271 media day appearance. He donned a shirt with the phrase, ‘I beat up domestic abusers’ printed on the front.

Brunson is expected to face Jared Cannonier in a three-round bout at UFC 271 on February 12th. The fight’s winner could potentially receive a UFC middleweight title shot later this year. While fielding questions regarding his fight at the UFC 271 media day event, the UFC 185-pound contender was asked about the shirt.

Brunson responded by stating:

“Yeah, oh, this is my shirt. I stand up against domestic abuse. So, I wanna make people feel uncomfortable when they engage in those type of activities.” When asked if he’s always been interested in raising awareness against domestic abuse, Brunson said, “Oh, yeah; for sure. I’m that type of guy. I don’t like people who beat up women, or guys who beat up women. So, I stand up against it.”

On being questioned if the message on the shirt was intended at anyone in particular, he simply replied by saying, “No, nobody in particular. Everybody.”

Furthermore, the UFC middleweight mainstay was asked about fighters who get accused of domestic abuse. The 38-year-old was questioned whether he felt such fighters ought to be cut from the UFC or challenged in public. Brunson replied,

“I mean, I think it’s kind of weak. No, I don’t wanna say kind of; definitely weak. Like I said – When a guy that has physical strength over women and just beat up women, I think that’s kind of weak. So, yeah, I mean, if a fighter engages in those activities, for sure, they should be brought to light. But I’m taking digs at everybody; whoever. If the shoe fits, they have to wear it.”

Watch Derek Brunson raise awareness against domestic abuse in the video below:

"I BEAT UP DOMESTIC ABUSERS"@DerekBrunson's media day t-shirt had a clear message.#UFC271 | Full video:

Robert Whittaker foresees Jared Cannonier beating Derek Brunson at UFC 271

Robert Whittaker is set to face Israel Adesanya in a UFC middleweight title rematch at UFC 271. ‘The Reaper’ has also fought Brunson and Cannonier in the past, and he’s beaten both the fighters.

The UFC’s highly ranked middleweight fight between Jared Cannonier (@killagorillamma) and Derek Brunson (@DerekBrunson) at UFC 270 on Jan. 22 has moved to UFC 271 on Feb. 12, per sources. Same night as Adesanya vs. Whittaker title fight.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Robert Whittaker picked Jared Cannonier to defeat Derek Brunson at UFC 271. Whittaker said:

"I think Cannonier takes that one. He's a tough dude. He's a tough dude with a very, very well-rounded skill set. Super hard to take down and keep down, more importantly. I think if Derek Brunson wins that fight, he takes him down, holds him down, pressures him out, and wins that way. But it's very hard to keep Cannonier down."


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