Jorge Masvidal says Colby Covington's fighting is "very limited"

Colby Covington (left); Jorge Masvidal (right)
Colby Covington (left); Jorge Masvidal (right)

Jorge Masvidal has suggested that Colby Covington is “very limited” when it comes to his fighting abilities.

For years, the two friends trained together at the world-renowned ATT (American Top Team) fight camp. Nevertheless, soon after Masvidal and ‘Chaos’ rose to prominence as top-tier stars in the UFC welterweight division, their friendship fell apart.

Covington parted ways with ATT and has been training at MMA Masters since 2020. The friends-turned-rivals are now set to fight at UFC 272. On that note, ‘Gamebred’ recently spoke to Jesse Watters of FOX News and jibed at Covington. Jorge Masvidal stated:

“It’s so amazing that I’m gonna get to punch this guy in the face. And I really don’t like this guy. And I’m gonna get paid for it; a big amount of money. And I can’t wait to just expose him once again to the world. He’s a charlatan.”
From friends to #UFC272 opponents 🤝➡️👊 (via @GamebredFighter)

'Gamebred' suggested that while both he and Covington have been vocal supporters of former US president Donald Trump, Covington’s political opinions aren’t genuine. Masvidal said:

“If you don’t believe me, just ask him any – what’s his favorite law that Trump passed while Trump was in presidency or anything like that. Ask that idiot anything politically related. You’ll see he’s just a fraud, man. He’s just holding up books to get triggers and things like that. But he doesn’t know anything about what he talks about. And about fighting, he’s very limited. I’m gonna show it, March 4th, how limited he is.”

Masvidal said that he’ll fight Covington on March 4th. However, it’s believed that he misspoke. The Covington-Masvidal fight is scheduled to take place at UFC 272 on March 5th.

Watch Jorge Masvidal’s conversation with Jesse Watters in the video below (*Video courtesy: Rumble):

Sean O’Malley believes Jorge Masvidal “could definitely piece up” Colby Covington at UFC 272

Jorge Masvidal is currently on a two-fight losing streak and was finished for the first time in his UFC career in his most recent fight. ‘Gamebred’ is coming off a vicious KO loss to reigning UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Meanwhile, Covington’s last octagon outing was a closely-contested unanimous decision loss to Usman.

The grudge match we've all been waiting for 💥Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal will headline UFC 272 on March 5, UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell told @bokamotoESPN. Contracts have not been signed, but the bout is nearly finalized.

Covington has been touted as the favorite to win their long-awaited grudge match. Regardless, one of the most innovative strikers in the sport, Sean O’Malley, believes that Masvidal can’t be counted out. In an edition of The BrOMalley Show, ‘Suga’ said:

“I’m just kind of getting a gut feeling right now – Masvidal could definitely piece up Colby. If he shuts down the striking or shuts down the takedowns – Colby brings an insane pace, but Masvidal – This is gonna be such a sick fight.”

Watch Sean O'Malley give his take on Masvidal vs. Covington below


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