UFC 286: MMA Twitter outrages at "incomprehensible" 30-27 scorecard in Marvin Vettori's favor against Roman Dolidze

Marvin Vettori vs. Roman Dolidze at UFC 286 [Images via: @ufceurope on Instagram]
Marvin Vettori vs. Roman Dolidze at UFC 286 [Images via: @ufceurope on Instagram]

Marvin Vettori returned to winning ways with a unanimous decision victory over Roman Dolidze at UFC 286. Vettori's victory, however, was wrought with controversy as some disagreed with the 30-27 scoring from one of three judges.

The fight began with Vettori opening up with some leg kicks. Dolidze connected with a solid straight left that briefly hurt the Italian. Sensing that his opponent was hurt, 'The Caucasian' attempted to close the distance and land follow-up shots. Vettori was able to regain his composure and recover quickly. An unintentional headbutt in the first round briefly stopped the fight.

As the fight resumed, Dolidze continued to put pressure on Vettori and managed to hurt 'The Italian Dream' once more. This time, he tracked down Vettori and landed multiple clean shots. Marvin Vettori was able to grit out Dolidze's onslaught, proving his toughness.

Marvin Vettori is too damn tough

Marvin Vettori seemingly overturned the deficit in the opening round and doubled down on his leg kick attacks. In the end, a calculated approach to landing jabs and leg kicks worked in Vettori's favor and he won the bout by unanimous decision. However, fight fans simply couldn't comprehend one judge scoring the bout 30-27 in favor of Vettori considering it was a closely contested bout.

Marvin Vettori wins a 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 unanimous decision over Roman Dolidze to start the main card at #UFC286 🔥#UFCLondon #MMA

MMA pundits and fighters could not wrap their heads around Marvin Vettori winning the fight by unanimous decision. They took to Twitter to express their bafflement:

"Definitely not a 30-27… #UFC286"
Definitely not a 30-27… #UFC286
"Noooo Waaaaay #UFC286"
Noooo Waaaaay 🤦🏼‍♂️ #UFC286
"Damn I thought Dolidze won! What does @VerdictMMA think???
Damn I thought Dolidze won! What does @VerdictMMA think???
"This is number one bulls**t. I Tweet this before they announced the winner…"
This is number one bullshit. I Tweet this before they announced the winner…
How did one judge score that fight 30-27 for Marvin Vettori?This was one of the closest fights ever scored on Verdict with a final score difference of 0.07#UFC286
30-27 Vettori is gross. #UFC286
#UFC286 Dolidze won that fight.That was very very very bad.Incomprehensible
Wow, I had that one 29-28 Dolidze. Thought he pulled it off. Very close fight, 29-28 Vettori is understandable. But 30-27 Vettori? Come on now. That's certainly a scorecard. #UFC286

Several fans on Twitter cited "robbery" considering Dolidze's output in some of the rounds:

"Dolidze won round 1 and 3 i don’t understand how it can be scored otherwise."
@ufc @MarvinVettori dolidze won round 1 and 3 i don’t understand how it can be scored otherwise
"Hard fought? Spent most of it running from Dolidze, embarrassing scores."
Hard fought win 😤🇮🇹 @MarvinVettori adds a W to his record tonight! #UFC286
"Thats absolutely garbage. Legit one of the worst decisions I have ever seen."
@ufc @MarvinVettori Thats absolutely garbage. Legit one of the worst decisions I have ever seen

Check out some more reactions below:

Vettori 30-27.Morales 30-27.Murphy R2.There’s been some indefensible scoring on this card.Proceed with caution.
@BenTheBaneDavis The judge that had the fight 30-27 for Vettori.
@ufc @MarvinVettori Judges making us accustomed to bad decisions for some big robberies in the main events
@ufc @MarvinVettori Ooh baby. This is shaping up to be an ALL-TIME horrendous judging night.
@ufc @MarvinVettori That needs to be overturned he did not win that fight

Marvin Vettori reveals the driving force for his victory at UFC 286

Marvin Vettori had lost two out of his last three bouts going into the fight at UFC 286. With several new contenders emerging in the 185-pound division, a victory was essential for Vettori to prove that he's still a viable contender in the division.

Following his victory over Roman Dolidze at UFC 286, Marvin Vettori revealed that his mother was in attendance for the event. According to the Italian, losing in front of his mother was not an option.

Speaking in the post-fight octagon interview, Vettori said:

"First time my mom came and watched me fight in the UFC. I had all the energy... I couldn't lose in front of her. Such a proud moment for me.... Back in the win column. I'm around, man, don't forget about me."

Check out the post-fight octagon interview below:


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