Joe Rogan insists Jake Paul the 'better fight' for Mike Tyson over Logan - "I don't know what would happen"

Joe Rogan (left); Jake and Logan Paul (top right); Mike Tyson (bottom right)
Joe Rogan (left); Jake and Logan Paul (top right); Mike Tyson (bottom right)

Joe Rogan believes heavyweight boxing great Mike Tyson should fight Jake Paul rather than Logan Paul next. Tyson, who’s long been retired from professional boxing, returned for an exhibition boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020.

The Tyson-Jones exhibition matchup was scored a split draw. Regardless, Tyson earned widespread praise for his impressive performance against Jones. Speaking of which, the combat sports world has lately been rife with speculation that Tyson’s next exhibition boxing matchup could witness him face YouTube-megastars-turned-boxers Jake or Logan Paul.

In an edition of the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan indicated that Jake Paul (5-0 pro boxing) is a better fighter than Logan Paul (0-1 pro boxing).

Additionally, Rogan lauded 45-year-old boxing icon Floyd Mayweather for his performances in his recent exhibition boxing matches. Similarly, praising Tyson for being an exceptional athlete at an older age, Rogan stated:

“The best example is [Mike] Tyson; 55 years old, and they’re still talking about him fighting either Logan or Jake Paul. Like, that is crazy. And I don’t know what would happen.” Rogan added, “I think Jake would probably be the better fight. The better one is Jake. Jake is the one who knocks people out. Logan’s more of a boxer.”
Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. can still throw down! 🔥Highlights from #TysonJones as two of the greatest boxers ever got back in the ring and went at it!

Addressing the difference between Logan Paul’s fight against Mayweather and either of the Paul brothers facing Tyson, Rogan noted:

“The difference between Floyd and Mike Tyson is Floyd’s a 155 pounds. Mike Tyson’s 220, solid as a rock. Even if he’s 55 [years old], he’s on all the Mexican supplements. He’s on everything. They use electrical muscular stimulation on him.”

Rogan suggested that Tyson’s been consuming performance-enhancing supplements and undergoing treatments aimed at optimizing athletic performance, thereby making ‘Iron’ a dangerous fighter even at the age of 55.

Watch Rogan address a possible Tyson-Jake Paul fight and more in the video below:


Josh Thomson believes Jake Paul could beat Anderson Silva

Mike Tyson and Logan Paul’s respective next opponents and exact comeback dates haven’t been revealed yet. Meanwhile, Jake 'The Problem Child' Paul recently announced that his next boxing match will take place on August 13th, albeit his opponent is yet to be announced.

I’m back. August 13th.

On the Weighing In podcast, John McCarthy and former UFC lightweight Josh Thomson discussed Paul potentially fighting fellow cruiserweight pugilist Anderson Silva next. Thomson opined that Paul could defeat the 47-year-old former UFC middleweight champion. Thomson said:

"I'll take him [Anderson Silva] and Logan. I'll take him and Jake. I think Jake has a good chance of beating him. That's the biggest thing. The speed and the chin will be the factor."

Watch the full Weighing In episode in the video below:


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