"The most selfish guy in sport" - Chael Sonnen slams Jon Jones for tweeting and deleting 'disgusting' post about being banned from the gym

Chael Sonnen slammed Jon Jones for his demeaning tweet.
Chael Sonnen slammed Jon Jones for his demeaning tweet.

Chael Sonnen slammed Jon Jones for tweeting about being banned from Jackson Wink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sonnen stated that Jones' unapologetic behavior towards his long-time coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn was "disgusting."

"Jon put a tweet on this and he deleted it and it was just disgusting. The tweet was disgusting and he said, 'it hurts really bad to have one of my coaches who I respect so much turn away from me, for the rest of the coaches going for that fight with me, we continue,' and then he deleted it. The reason that tweet is disgusting is he used the word team. You have the most selfish guy in sport using the word team when convenient..."

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Head coach Mike Winkeljohn recently banned 'Bones' from training at Jackson Wink MMA in light of Jones' recent arrest.

Take a look at Jon Jones' deleted tweet addressing the issue below:

Jon Jones tweeted about losing the support of one of his “longtime coaches” after a “heartbreaking conversation.”Per a statement from Jackson Wink MMA’s spokesperson, Jones is “temporarily suspended” from the gym.

Winkeljohn revealed that he had temporarily suspended 'Bones' from the gym until he could sort out his issues. In an interview on The MMA Hour, Winkeljohn said:

"He is not allowed to come in the gym... because ignoring it and expecting different results is insanity. He's got a lot of yes people around him that won't tell him the truth, so he might hate me for it... That guy is capable of greatness. I hope he comes back, wins the heavyweight title, stops drinking, goes forward and goes on to bigger things."

Watch the interview below:

Mike Winkeljohn says Jon Jones is not allowed to come into the gym right now.#themmahour

Daniel Cormier's reaction to Jon Jones' suspension from Jackson Wink MMA

Jon Jones' former long-time foe Daniel Cormier reacted to his suspension.

On his YouTube channel, Cormier asked 'Bones' to focus on improving in the areas of his life that need development. Cormier also called Jones "a great fighter" but "a horrible person."

Watch the full video below:


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