"Leading a company, I'm not sure you'd want that" - Dustin Poirier explains why he believes Conor McGregor may not be the right man to step into Dana White's shoes and lead the UFC

Dustin Poirier questions whether or not Conor McGregor would be the right man to lead the UFC after Dana White
Dustin Poirier questions whether or not Conor McGregor would be the right man to lead the UFC after Dana White
Harry Kettle

Dustin Poirier has explained why Conor McGregor probably wouldn’t be the right man to replace Dana White as UFC president down the road. When posed with the question of whether or not his rival would do a good job, Poirier expressed some concerns.

“I mean, I guess he could. Leading a company, I’m not sure if you’d want that, you know? Being the face and the voice of a company might get out of hand here and there. They need somebody who stands their ground but doesn’t cross the line.”

There are very few men in the world who can do the job that Dana White does and while some may disagree, there’s an element of ruthlessness that comes with being the boss.

It doesn’t seem as if Dana White is ready to give up that position just yet but when he does, there will undoubtedly be a big discussion surrounding who is going to replace him.

Check out Dustin Poirier's interview below:

When will Dana White throw in the towel?

At the time of writing, Dana White still has another five years left on his contract. That would take him all the way through to 2026 - with the UFC having a lucrative deal with ESPN to their name throughout that stint.

Despite all of the money he’s accumulated over the years, especially from the sale back in 2016, Dana White is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, he appears to be getting even more passionate about the product with each and every passing pay-per-view.

Dana White's Contender Series is another addition to the calendar that showcases his love for the fight game. When he does walk away, there is likely to be a period of uncertainty while his replacement is found.

In the very same interview, Dustin Poirier floated the idea of Daniel Cormier taking the helm - which many believe would be a far better fit for the company than Conor McGregor, who already has a string of other business ventures.

Edited by Utathya Ghosh
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