Justin Gaethje doesn't believe it was either Khabib Nurmagomedov or Ali Abdelaziz writing the controversial posts on social media; reveals who he thinks might be behind them

Justin Gaethje (left), Ali Abdelaziz (top), and Khabib Nurmagomedov (bottom)
Justin Gaethje (left), Ali Abdelaziz (top), and Khabib Nurmagomedov (bottom)
Anurag Mitra

Justin Gaethje has no issues with Khabib Nurmagomedov lobbying for Islam Makhachev to get the next shot at the lightweight title. 'The Highlight' doesn't believe that 'The Eagle' is the one sharing controversial posts on social media claiming Makhachev deserves a crack at the title ahead of Gaethje.

I honestly do not believe it’s @TeamKhabib saying this stuff. He got someone else running that shit or something.

In the latest episode of UFC Unfiltered, Justin Gaethje said he doesn't think either Nurmagomedov or Ali Abdelaziz could write those messages sent out from the former lightweight champ's Twitter handle. Gaethje pointed out that the messages were written in proper English and he claims neither Nurmagomedov nor Abdelaziz has the required expertise in the language to write those texts.

He believes it was Rizvan Magomedov, who helps Abdelaziz manage his Russian clients, who sent out the tweet from Nurmagomedov's handle.

"If you're not using your friends to better yourself as a group then you guys are f***ing up. That's his job. I still do not believe that was him writing those messages. It was way too proper English... then people want to say it was Ali Abdelaziz. He has much less chance of writing a proper sentence in this form than even Khabib does. It wasn't either one of them. If I had to guess, I would say Rizvan Magomedov, the dude that helps Ali with the Russian dudes," Justin Gaethje said.

Check out the latest episode of UFC Unfiltered below:

Gaethje likely alluded to the following tweet posted by Nurmagomedov a few days ago, claiming Makhachev deserves to fight for the title ahead of 'The Highlight':

Khabib had some thoughts on Gaethje saying he deserved a shot at the lightweight title next 😳 (via @TeamKhabib)

Justin Gaethje thinks Islam Makhachev should fight Beneil Dariush

According to Justin Gaethje, Islam Makhachev must first beat Beneil Dariush in order to earn a shot at the 155 lbs title. He pointed out that Makhachev has only beaten one top-10 ranked contender thus far and must prove his mettle against another top-ranked fighter before calling for a title fight.

"[He's fought] two top-15 guys, none in the top five, only one in the top-10, that's not how this sh*t works. Do your job, fight these guys and Beneil Dariush is right here and I like the dude, he's my friend so you know I'm just going to jump over this man and expect to get a title shot when the number three guy is Beneil Dariush. Handle that," Gaethje said.

Edited by C. Naik
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