"I feel relieved" - Kamaru Usman's father reacts to Colby Covington losing at UFC 268

Kamaru Usman defeated Colby Covington at UFC 268 (right image credit: Michael Bisping YouTube channel).
Kamaru Usman defeated Colby Covington at UFC 268 (right image credit: Michael Bisping YouTube channel).

Kamaru Usman's father, Muhammed Usman, can breathe a sigh of relief now that his son has settled the score with Colby Covington.

Muhammed, who was the subject of Covington's trash-talk at the UFC 268 press conference, said Usman "made the whole world proud" with his win against Covington last night.

After a grueling fight, Usman defeated 'Chaos' via unanimous decision. It was his 15th consecutive UFC win and fifth title defense.

Michael Bisping interviewed Muhammed backstage at the Madison Square Garden arena. When asked to express his feelings following his son's huge win, the proud Nigerian said:

"I'm very, very proud [of Kamaru Usman]. Words cannot explain how I feel because he has made the whole world proud and he made me proud personally because I've been through a lot but my boys keep me alive. That's why I'm still living."

Covington didn't shy away from antagonizing Muhammed at the UFC 268 press conference. While the UFC star's motive was to wage mental warfare on his opponent, some saw him crossing the line by involving Muhammed's past in his feud with Usman.

Bisping, who himself has been at loggerheads with Covington, asked Muhammed how he felt watching Usman win, especially after all the insults 'Chaos' hurled at him.

"I feel relieved and happy," responded Muhammed.

Watch Muhammed's interview with Bisping in the video below (10:05):


Colby Covington earns Kamaru Usman's respect as a competitor

Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman exchanged heavy leather inside the octagon for almost 50 minutes. Both men are well aware of the threat they bring, which makes the welterweight champ respect Covington as a competitor.

Speaking to reporters at the UFC 268 post-fight press conference, Usman said Covington is the "next best guy" in the welterweight division after him.

"As a competitor, I respect him. that’s the next best guy in the division. This guy is tough as nails. He’s very, very tough... You can be the great one, but there’s always going to be the one guy that can push you. He is that guy. As much of him outside the octagon as most people don’t like, myself included, you have to respect him as a competitor."

Catch Kamaru Usman's comments at the UFC 268 post-fight press conference:


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