Watch: When Nate Diaz almost came to blows with Karo Parisyan during TUF filming

Nate Diaz (left); Karo Parisyan (right)
Nate Diaz (left); Karo Parisyan (right)

Nate Diaz has given the combat sports world several memorable moments over the years. Among these was one that showcased Diaz’s fearlessness early in his career – his verbal altercation and near-brawl with Karo Parisyan.

Nate Diaz almost got into a brawl with Karapet ‘Karo’ Parisyan, better-known as Karo Parisyan, while filming TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) 5 reality show. The show, which aired in 2007, featured Diaz as one of the many lightweights looking to win TUF season 5 and earn a UFC contract.

The season comprised lightweights, who were divided into two separate teams – Team Penn, led by BJ Penn; and Team Pulver, led by Jens Pulver. Nate Diaz was part of Team Pulver and ended up winning TUF 5 by defeating fellow teammate Manny Gamburyan in the show’s finals.

However, this was preceded by one of the most iconic moments on TUF. Nate Diaz courageously stood his ground against then-UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan. Parisyan was at the TUF house to train with his cousin Manny Gamburyan.

In Episode 11 of TUF 5, Nate Diaz was irked by Parisyan getting physical and being disrespectful of his personal space. Parisyan jokingly jibed at, slapped, and grabbed Diaz by his neck.

Nate Diaz responded to Karo Parisyan by warning that he’ll hit the welterweight if he gets closer to him again. Thankfully, the two weren’t allowed to come to blows, as the other contestants and personnel on the show separated them. Despite all the bad blood between them, Diaz and Parisyan never fought one another in a professional MMA bout.

Watch Nate Diaz’s verbal altercation with Karo Parisyan in the video below:


Jake Shields on why the Nate Diaz vs. Dustin Poirier dream fight hasn’t materialized yet

Veteran MMA fighter and former UFC welterweight title challenger Jake Shields has long been one of Nate Diaz’s closest friends. In a recent interview with Helen Yee Sports, Shields opened up about Nate Diaz’s current position in the UFC.

Nate Diaz has just one fight left on his UFC contract. Diaz and his longtime rival, top-tier UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier, recently expressed interest in fighting one another.

Nevertheless, this much-discussed matchup is yet to come to fruition. Shields suggested that this is because the UFC doesn’t want Diaz to beat a top-five UFC fighter and then leave the organization. Shields said:

"I know Nate wants that fight. Like I said, he wants a top five opponent, but the UFC doesn't want to give him a top five opponent. They're trying to give him guys that aren't names because they don't want him to leave the UFC with a huge win like that.”


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