UFC reporter and ESPN alum Charly Arnolt takes strong stance in 'bigotry' backlash against Sam Ponder over transgender controversy 

Charly Arnolt (Left), Transgender athletes (Right) Fallon Fox (Top), Lia Thomas (Bottom) [Image courtesy: @politicalsock, @nypost, @FoxNews on Twitter]
Charly Arnolt (Left), Transgender athletes (Right) Fallon Fox (Top), Lia Thomas (Bottom) [Image courtesy: @politicalsock, @nypost, @FoxNews on Twitter]

UFC and PowerSlap reporter Charly Arnolt has finally picked a side on the ongoing debate of 'transgender athletes in women's sports'. Arnolt, who recently left ESPN, voiced her support for former colleague Sam Ponder who is currently facing backlash for her stance on the transgender debate.

Ponder recently came out in support of female athletes who are concerned about losing their roster spots to trangender athletes. Ponder recently wrote on Twitter:

"I barely said anything publicly abt this issue & I’ve had so many ppl msg me, stop me in the street to say thank you+ tell me stories abt girls who are afraid to speak up for fear of lost employment/being called hateful. It is not hateful to demand fairness in sports for girls"

The Sunday NFL Countdown host was accused of bigotry and transphobia amongst other things. Instead of recanting, Sam Ponder doubled down on her stance in follow up tweets. She wrote:

"Biology is not bigotry. Loving people does not require the absence of boundaries."

Sam Ponder backlash: Former colleague Charly Arnolt claims she was in a similar spot at ESPN

Former WWE backstage reporter Charly Arnolt left ESPN in April to join OutKick which was founded by Clay Travis and acquired by Fox Corp. Arnolt subsequently claimed that he felt 'stifled' at ESPN as there were contradictions in the company's policy of avoiding politics.

Arnolt subsequently criticized the company's tribute to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. She also lauded former colleagues Sam Ponder and Sage Steele for opposing the participation of transgenders in female sports. The UFC reporter recently said on Fox News:

"I just came to OutKick in Fox from ESPN. I worked there for five years. So I was in Sam Ponder's position for a long time and this was an issue I never would have touched. Because there's the fear of backlash, there's the fear of losing your job."
"So I commend Sam for going out on a limb and speaking her truth. Because standing up for women by no means is bigotry. Anyone with even an ounce of common sense can realize that man have a biological advantage over women."

Catch Charly Arnolt's comments below:

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