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UFC welterweight Colby Covington weighs in on the recent Gina Carano controversy

Colby Covington (right) commented on the recent Gina Carano (left) controversy
Colby Covington (right) commented on the recent Gina Carano (left) controversy
Tarun Bhatt
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Colby Covington is known for voicing his political opinions. The former UFC interim welterweight champion frequently shows his disdain for left-wing politics in the United States. The controversial fighter has given his take on the recent Gina Carano debacle.

Gina Carano (former Strikeforce fighter) was heavily featured in the recent 'The Mandalorian' series, a spin-off of the Star Wars franchise. However, the former MMA fighter was removed from the cast when she was accused of being 'anti-semitic' on Twitter.

Carano had made a comparison between holocaust victims and people with a 'different' political view. Carano seemed to imply the latter is experiencing the same abomination that the Jews went through during the Nazi regime.

In a recent interview with Newsmax TV, Colby Covington sided with Gina Carano on her recent tribulations with the entertainment industry. Covington believes that Carano is being treated unfairly for her views. Having contrasting views is essential to the democracy of the United States, according to the Californian.

"There is more hypocrisy from the left. Why is it that there's an actor who didn't lose his place on the show? Why didn't he lose his job when he was calling (out) all the Trump-supporters and Trump the modern-day Hitler?... Why are there always double standards and hypocrisy? It's not fair. I feel bad that people like this are undermining our constitution, our first amendment."

Colby Covington on the 'cancel culture' in America

It is well documented that UFC president Dana White is an old ally of Donald Trump. Colby Covington alluded to this fact and mentioned that the UFC does not partake in the canceling of fighters for their political views. Covington expressed his disdain for the expulsion of Gina Carano from Disney and accused the left-wing for being 'disgusting and vile.'

"Why are you trying to muzzle people? Why is it not okay to have a different opinion than someone and agree to disagree on some things? It just shows how disgusting and vile the left is. The cancel culture needs to go... I wish they would show up at my door; I wish they would try and cancel me. But you can't cancel me because Dana White (UFC President) and the UFC don't muzzle their fighters."

Colby Covington is an ardent Trump supporter and has had his share of controversies as well. After securing the victory over former champion Tyron Woodley, Colby commented on the Black Lives Movement prevailing in the United States.


Colby Covington called out Lebron James for being a 'woke athlete' and a 'spineless coward' in the post-fight interview.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 17:44 IST
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