UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal launches bareknuckle MMA organization, announces first event date

Jorge Masvidal (Left) and Anuel AA (Right)
Jorge Masvidal (Left) and Anuel AA (Right)

Jorge Masvidal is venturing into the business of promoting fights as he announces the launch of 'Gamebred Fighting Championship', a bare-knuckle MMA organization co-founded by Masvidal and Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA. The first GFC event will take place on June 25 in Miami, Florida, according to Jorge Masvidal. The venue for the event is unknown.

Jorge Masvidal broke the news in a recent Instagram video and revealed the details of the aforementioned in the caption. More details of the organization are yet to surface. However, 'Gamebred' cited the need to satiate fight fans' appetite for the 'most vicious' fights as the motivation behind the venture.

'Huge news for true fight fans as me and the one and only @anuel have teamed up to bring you the most vicious fights we could think of Bare Knuckle MMA. That’s right no gloves same rules and the first fight will be in Miami on June 25. Every fighter will be outfitted by Anuel’s clothing Brand which translated in English means 'Real Until Death'.'

Bareknuckle fighting is a primitive form of combat sport that involves fighting without protective gloves. Although it is present at a very small scale in today's combat sports world, bare-knuckle fighting has seen a mild resurgence in the USA in the form of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. The visual impact of bare-knuckle fighting is far more grueling compared to other forms of combat sports. The absence of protective gloves results in an increased frequency of face lacerations suffered by the athletes involved.

News of Jorge Masvidal's bare-knuckle offering came in the wake of Masvidal's impending title fight rematch against UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 261 on April 24. Masvidal lost the first fight via a unanimous decision in July 2020.

Jorge Masvidal is looking for the next Kimbo Slice

Before becoming a professional MMA fighter, Jorge Masvidal fought in the street fighting circuit made popular by the late Kevin Ferguson, popularly known by his nickname, Kimbo Slice.


Masvidal recently took to Twitter to announce the launch of Gamebred Fights, an online library of street fighting videos that were deemed sensitive on popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook. While talking about the launch, Masvidal said that he will be going around the world looking for the 'next Kimbo Slice', which now appears to be the talent hunt to compete in the Gamebred Fighting Championship. Jorge Masvidal said:

"We're all going around the world looking for the next best street fighter... Finding the next Kimbo Slice, Rest In Peace. Let's do it. If you want to sign up, you know where to go," Jorge Masvidal said.

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