"Wasn't a fan before, but I'm definitely a fan now" - MMA world rains praise on Michel Pereira after animal rescue efforts go viral amid Rio floods

MMA community applauds Michel Pereira for heroic animal rescue during Rio de Janeiro floods
MMA community applauds Michel Pereira for heroic animal rescue during Rio Grande do Sul floods [Images courtesy: @michelpereiraufc on Instagram]

Michel Pereira is actively involved on the ground, dedicating himself to rescuing animals amid the severe flooding in Brazil. The state of Rio Grande do Sul is facing its most devastating calamity on record, affecting nearly 400 municipalities.

According to the civil defense force responsible for disaster management, the unfolding tragedy in southern Brazil has tragically led to approximately 150 fatalities and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

After news emerged that the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, Alex Pereira, donated $100,000 towards relief efforts for the flood-stricken areas, fellow Brazilian fighter 'Demolidor' also stepped up to aid his compatriots, offering his assistance on the ground.

Pereira shared numerous photos and videos on his social media platforms depicting his efforts to rescue animals from the extensive flooding.

Check out one of the videos shared by Michel Pereira below:

A recent video, notably featuring the 30-year-old middleweight fighter, has garnered substantial attention on X. In the footage, Pereira can be seen rescuing a dog from the rooftop of a collapsed house amid frigid weather.

Check out Michel Pereira's video below:

Fans responded to Pereira's humanitarian efforts with an array of positive reactions, showing their appreciation and support.

One fan wrote:

"Wasn’t a fan before, but I’m definitely a fan now."

Another wrote:

"Dudes awesome. How can you hate Michel Pereira!!"

Check out some more reactions below:

Credits: @MMA_CASUALS_ on X
Credits: @MMA_CASUALS_ on X

'Demolidor' recently secured a rapid submission victory over Ihor Potieria at UFC 301 on May 4 in Rio de Janeiro, following another submission win over Michal Oleksiejczuk at UFC 299 in March. With these triumphs, Pereira extended his ongoing win streak to eight consecutive victories.

Michel Pereira shares challenges faced in rescuing animals amid floods

Michel Pereira recently shared updates on the devastating floods in Brazil, describing the past few days as marked by both challenges and fulfillment, especially in rescuing animals amid the overwhelming deluge. Taking it to X, he wrote:

"The last few days have been like this: a lot of struggle, but also a lot of satisfaction in each animal except for this gigantic flood. The scenes I’ve been seeing are scary. I’ve never seen something like this, even in a movie, but I’m sure of one thing: we’re going to win this fight here, too."

In a separate tweet, 'Demolidor' admitted to the physical strain but emphasized his steadfast commitment to aiding those impacted by the floods. He stated:

"I’m exhausted, but I can’t get tired of helping. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life, so I chose to be on the front line. We are with you, Rio Grande do Sul."

Check out Michel Pereira's posts below:

Credits: @UfcPereira on X
Credits: @UfcPereira on X

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