Watch: Logan Paul shares recording of phone call from top WWE brass about Roman Reigns match, shares injury update

Logan Paul [Image credits: @loganpaul via IG]
Logan Paul [Image credits: @loganpaul via IG]

Logan Paul uploaded a video to his YouTube channel after two months to give his fans a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of his massive WWE match against Roman Reigns.

After weeks of build-up, 'The Maverick' faced the Tribal Chief at the main event of WWE Crown Jewel earlier this month in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In the latest vlog, Paul included a video recording of his phone call with Paul Levesque, a.k.a. Triple H, former WWE superstar and current Head of Creative. The conversation took place three months before the Crown Jewel match:

"I have an idea. I didn't wanna throw it at you until now, because I wanted to get full sign-off on it. You vs. Roman Reigns."

Logan Paul expressed shock upon hearing the idea, hinting at the fact that this was the first time he was informed of it.

Watch the sequence from the 0.36 mark in the video below:


The rest of the video includes behind-the-scenes footage of Paul training and preparing in the lead-up to the fight. His brother Jake Paul is seen accompanying him throughout.

Logan Paul was unsuccessful in his bid to dethrone Roman Reigns as the undisputed WWE Universal Champion but managed to push the Tribal Chief to the bitter end.

Logan Paul shares update on ACL and MCL injury

Toward the end of the vlog, Paul discusses the injuries he suffered at Crown Jewel.

Following the match, Paul revealed on social media that he had potentially torn his meniscus, MCL, and ACL.

torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACLhappened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated πŸ‘πŸΌ

In the video, Paul confirmed the news and further shared the doctor's diagnosis. Upon undergoing scans, it was revealed that Paul sustained a Grade 3 tear in the MCL. The doctor gave his verdict that it will take braces and complete rehab for Logan to recover and the process will take a minimum of 6 weeks.

Watch the doctor's comments from the 6:50 mark in the video below:


After a match of a lifetime against Roman Reigns, Logan Paul now wants to test himself against another WWE legend, John Cena.

During an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, the YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-wrestler revealed that he had already texted Triple H about a fight with the Cenation leader.

"Truthfully, I think me vs. John Cena would break the internet. I texted Triple H right away, 'Do you want to break the internet again?' That's a dream match. WrestleMania, in LA, on my birthday. Triple H, throw me a bone, give me a birthday present, let me take out John Cena.' That'd be crazy."

John Cena is expected to participate at WrestleMania 39 next year in Hollywood, Florida.

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