Watch: When Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou engaged in a hard sparring session

Ciryl Gane (left) & Francis Ngannou (right)
Ciryl Gane (left) & Francis Ngannou (right)

As Ciryl Gane inches closer to his fight against Derrick Lewis, a video of him sparring with UFC heavyweight kingpin Francis Ngannou surfaced online. The video, dating back to Gane's pre-UFC days, displayed both fighters going at it hard. Although the pair were only sparring, neither fighter was pulling their punches or kicks. While they weren't throwing haymakers, they certainly weren't taking it easy on each other.

Ngannou, who famously wound up on the streets of France after bidding adieu to his native country of Cameroon, found himself at the MMA Factory under the tutelage of Fernand Lopez. In due time, he shared the mat with former Muay Thai fighter Ciryl Gane, who was venturing into MMA.

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The video was initially shared by ESPN MMA on their Instagram handle. In light of the footage, several fighters and fans took to the comments section to break down their respective styles.

Ciryl Gane is not averse to fighting former teammate Francis Ngannou

MMA fighters often find themselves in precarious positions when they are expected to butt heads with their teammates. Being privy to the intimate details of their training sessions is why fighting teammates can often be tricky for combatants. In fact, more often than not, it leads to tension in the gym.

A win against Derrick Lewis would earn Ciryl Gane the interim UFC heavyweight strap. What's more, it would set him off on a collision course with former teammate and reigning heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

However, in an interview with MMA Fighting, Gane detailed that since Ngannou had parted ways with the MMA Factory, their history was not a problem for him. After routing Alexander Volkov, Ciryl Gane opened up about a potential fight against Francis Ngannou, saying:

“I’m comfortable about this matchup if this matchup is going to happen. It was a shame before the title. Now, for the title, I’m really comfortable with this situation, because we’re not in the same gym. If we’re going to fight for the belt, this is beautiful for me, for him, for my coach, and the MMA Factory.”

Although they weren't extremely close, they did share a gym and the tutelage of Fernand Lopez, so there is history there. However, Gane and Ngannou are true professionals and can take to the cage without letting any ill-will or animosity hinder their relationship.

That said, Ciryl Gane is yet to overcome the hurdle that is Derrick Lewis before thinking about a scrap against Francis Ngannou.

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