"We deserve our worth" - Luke Rockhold slams the UFC over fighter pay

Luke Rockhold (left) and Dana White (right)
Luke Rockhold (left) and Dana White (right)

UFC fighter Luke Rockhold has come out and criticized the UFC over the issue of fighter pay.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, the former middleweight champion said UFC fighters are not being treated fairly in terms of compensation.

"The paychecks are great elsewhere. The UFC is not always the best option anymore. I mean, there's a few guys at the top but you're still entering a big battle with these's not exactly [a] fair playing field. You know, when guys like [Francis] Ngannou are getting shelved for asking for his worth and they're creating interim titles. which is all bulls**t. I mean, this is the type of sh*t you have to deal with," said Luke Rockhold.

Rockhold added that he's not afraid to speak his mind and believes the fighters on the UFC roster deserve to be paid their worth.

"I'm gonna speak my mind, exactly how I say what I say, what I feel... The common narrative that the UFC and Dana White has created is to shut down fighters, criticize champions...the narrative that they have created is for the fans to want to to hate fighters and it's just bulls**t... This is the f*****g fight game. We're the fighters, we're the entertainment, we deserve our worth."

You can watch MMA Junkie's full interview with Luke Rockhold below:


Rockhold has now added himself to the lengthy list of fighters who have gone on record to speak about the issue of fighter pay.

UFC fighters like Francis Ngannou and Paulo Costa have been vocal about the issue on social media.

Luke Rockhold is expected to make his UFC return in November

After a layoff of over two years, former 185-pound champion Luke Rockhold will likely return to the octagon at UFC 268 on November 6. He is expected to take on Sean Strickland in his comeback fight.

The 36-year-old was last seen in action at UFC 239 in July 2019. Rockhold made his light heavyweight debut that night against Jan Blachowicz. Unfortunately, the fight did not go the California native's way as he was knocked out in the second round by the Polish fighter.

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