"We don’t have a gun problem" - Ex-UFC fighter advocates for firearms law with statistical comparison between Honduras and Switzerland

Former UFC fighter compares Honduras
Former UFC fighter compares Honduras' and Switzerland's homicide rates [Image via: Free Stock]

An ex-UFC fighter recently shared his thoughts on firearms law, using a statistical comparison between Honduras and Switzerland.

The fighter mentioned above is Tim Kennedy, who has always been outspoken, just like many UFC figures who have voiced their opinions about gun violence in the United States.

Kennedy recently took to X and shared a post, claiming that Americans have a culture problem rather than a firearms problem. The post compares the homicide rates of Honduras and Switzerland statistically, demonstrating that Honduras has the highest rate worldwide while Switzerland has the lowest. He captioned the post:

''Math is fun and facts matter. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a culture and people problem.''

Back in 2019, Kennedy made an appearance on FOX News to express his belief that the lack of masculinity being instilled in the young of this generation was the real cause of the surge in mass shootings in the US, rather than the ease with which Americans can obtain automatic firearms.

He said:

''There is not enough masculinity, What we are doing to our boys now is stunting them. We are built, hard-wired to do incredible things -protect is one of them.''

Kennedy added:

''Everyone is made different, but men have to be men. And boys grow up to be men. You have to allow them to do that.''

Check out Tim Kennedy's comments below:

Kennedy is widely recognized as the fighter with the most extensive military history. He had a 24-fight MMA career but never won a major world title, losing the Strikeforce middleweight title fight to Luke Rockhold in 2012.

Kennedy's 18 professional wins included victories over Michael Bisping, Melvin Manhoef, Roger Gracie, Jason Miller, and Robbie Lawler. He competed in five UFC fights after the company acquired Strikeforce, finishing 3-2 with a TKO loss to both Yoel Romero and Kelvin Gastelum.

What did Sean Strickland say about U.S. gun laws?

It's no secret that Sean Strickland is an avid supporter of the Second Amendment, which gives every American citizen the freedom to keep and bear arms.

The 33-year-old has urged his followers to use their constitutional rights and possesses a sizable stockpile of firearms at home. But in a post on X, Strickland seems to advocate for post offices to be gun-free zones. The former UFC middleweight champion wrote:

"I'm at the post office, and I generally don't agree with gun-free zones but... I don't think anyone needs to be armed here, including me."

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