What is a humerus fracture that Jacare Souza suffered against Andre Muniz at UFC 262?

Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza (Left) suffered a humerus fracture at UFC 262
Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza (Left) suffered a humerus fracture at UFC 262

UFC middleweight Jacare Souza was immediately transferred to a local hospital after suffering a humerus fracture in his UFC 262 fight against Andre Muniz on May 15. One of the greatest submission artists himself, Souza was caught in a tight armbar that caused his arm to break with an audible snap - in a sold-out arena filled with thousands of loud and cheering fans. X-Rays revealed that the 41-year-old had suffered a humerus fracture that required emergency surgery.

What is a humerus fracture?

The humerus is the upper arm bone that runs from shoulder to elbow. Any type of break in this bone is referred to as a humerus fracture. Depending upon the location of the break/fracture, humerus fracture is categorized into three types - proximal (near the shoulder), mid-shaft, and distal (near the elbow) humerus fracture.

Several reasons cause Humerus fractures. However, the most common mechanical reasons for the humerus fracture are high-impact collisions, and hyperextension of the arm against a fulcrum, the latter being the case with Jacare Souza's fracture.

An armbar is a submission hold employed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where a fighter uses his own groin as a fulcrum to hyperextend his opponent's arm as a lever - which puts immense pressure on the forearm as well as bicep and causes either of the bones to snap when enough pressure is applied. A more relatable example - a wooden pencil (lever) breaking against the thumb (fulcrum).

Depending upon the severity of the damage, humerus fractures are treated with surgery, physical therapy, or a combination of both. While full recovery varies from individual to individual, severe humerus fractures can take up to several months for complete recovery.

Jacare Souza underwent successful emergency surgery

As reported by MMA Fighting, Jacare Souza's long-time doctor, Rickson Moraes, said that the veteran fighter will undergo emergency surgery in the United States instead of flying back to his native Brazil. While giving an update on Souza's condition, Moraes stated that Souza was doing generally better, apart from the fractured arm.

MMA journalist Alex Behunin recently broke the news of Jacare Souza's successful surgery and posted a video of the veteran fighter where he is seen recovering in good spirits.

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