What tattoos does Paige VanZant have? Description and meaning of the inks that we know of

Paige VanZant
Paige VanZant's tattoos and their meanings [Images courtesy: @paigevanzant and @tatu_panda on Instagram]

Paige VanZant has become one of the most prominent figures in women's combat sports. After attaining significant fame through her UFC career, she has successfully ventured into the distinctive realm of adult modeling.

'12 Gauge' is gearing up for her much-anticipated return to combat sports after a hiatus of over 33 months. She is scheduled to go head-to-head with fellow OnlyF*ns model and MFB women's middleweight champion, Elle Brooke, in the headlining fight of Misfits 15 (MF & DAZN: X Series 15).

The influencer boxing showdown is set to take place this Saturday at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas.

What tattoos does Paige VanZant have?

Paige VanZant has an eclectic mix of both small and large pieces of art across her body. Many of these tattoos bear deep personal significance, while others serve primarily for aesthetics.

Check out the details of Paige VanZant's 17 tattoos below:


A delicate heart adorns VanZant's left hip, representing her very first tattoo. She got it alongside a friend when she turned 18, fueled by youthful excitement.

'Christian Fish'

VanZant proudly displays a small Ichthys tattoo on her ribs, commonly called the 'Christian Fish' or 'Jesus Fish', owing to her devout Christian faith.


VanZant clandestinely acquired a rose tattoo on the inside of her lower lip from an amateur artist during a house party, driven by the desire to keep it hidden from her parents.

'Queen of Hearts'

'12 Gauge' also boasts a 'Queen of Hearts' tattoo adorning one side of her ribs, a matching symbol to her husband, Austin Vanderford's 'King of Hearts' design on his abdomen, which reflects the deep bond and love shared between the couple.

'A V'

The 30-year-old Oregon native proudly bears the initials of her husband, 'A V,' tattooed on one side of her buttocks, symbolizing her deep connection and commitment to her spouse.

'Stay Mild'

VanZant sports a 'Stay Mild' tattoo inked on the inside of her right thigh, just below the pelvis area. However, the significance of this tattoo remains undisclosed to the public.

'Honey Bee'

Carved into her left bicep, its true significance remains a mystery.


Inked onto her right bicep, symbolizing her untamed spirit.

'Three Flowers'

Adorning her left arm are three flowers, yet the true motive behind them remains undisclosed to the public.


Tattooed just above VanZant's right elbow, it epitomizes her fighting spirit.


Inscribed above VanZant's left elbow, it serves as a symbol of her unwavering dedication to her husband.

'Heart of Warrior' and 'Soul of a Lion'

The tattoos on VanZant's knuckles serve as a testament to her indomitable spirit and symbolize her refusal to surrender.

'Red Cross'

' 12 Gauge' has a red cross on the back of her neck, drawing inspiration from the red-letter Bibles that emphasize the words spoken directly by Jesus.

'Semicolon with Shooting Stars'

Etched on VanZant's left wrist is a tattoo she acquired after meeting Vanderford for the first time. The semicolon symbolizes a longer pause in literature, yet the resolve to keep moving forward is inspired by the idea of resilience and perseverance.

'Dueling Tigers'

VanZant's back bears the striking image of two dueling tigers—one positioned above her left side, and the other adorning her lower right side. Though the exact inspiration behind these fierce creatures remains unknown.


The last publicly known tattoo added to VanZant's collection is a large Chinese dragon adorning her back, which she had inked in January.

Check out Paige VanZant and her husband discussing their tattoos:


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