What is the UFC's plan to tackle crack streams?

UFC president Dana White
UFC president Dana White

UFC president Dana White announced that he has a surprise stored for anyone hosting UFC crack streams of any pay-per-view events during 2021, but he did not specify how he plans to do so.

The UFC boss is likely referring to the recently approved United States' Protecting Lawful Streaming Act of 2020. The new legislation now makes illegally streaming copyrighted products to a large-scale audience a felony.

Many fans have mocked White's efforts to reduce piracy over the years. The fight against crack streams - one of the foremost illegal streaming websites - is something that the UFC struggles with for years. As one of the last business that still makes most of its sales based on pay-per-view, it was the promotion's interest to tackle down on streamers.

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"We've been one of the leagues that have been so proactive on piracy. I love how cool and tough these guys act on social media because – let me tell you what, we've caught a lot of people. Let me tell you what they do: They cry," White said about crack streams hosts. "They cry, and they beg not to be prosecuted and all this other stuff. We just overcame a huge hurdle in the piracy world, and we're going to catch some of these guys in 2021. And I look forward to the crying and the begging… We'll see how tough they are when they get caught."

While White knows that the battle against piracy will not be won soon, the UFC president still hopes that his threats will discourage pirated stream users during events.

What else did Dana White say about illegally streaming UFC events?

UFC Fight Night Andrade v Zhang
UFC Fight Night Andrade v Zhang

The UFC president Dana White had an ominous threat for anyone who dared to transmit illegal streams of any of the events. He affirmed that the promotion has already caught perpetrators and that he will continue his search.

"So, we've been working on piracy since day one. It was one of the things that we focused on. You know, it's an important thing to stop in this business. We've spent tons of money on all this stuff. We've just got some real important legislation done with piracy this year. These people are criminals, and the internet makes it look like these guys are good guys - these guys are bad guys. When I came out and said this, all these guys started taunting me. So, I went through [all of them]. And I picked [one]. I said, 'you, you're the guy.' And I told my people, 'I want this guy.' And guess what? We got him. We're watching his house. We're listening to his phone conversations," White threatenes the crack streams host. "And when he puts up this, if he puts it up on Saturday, we got him. And we will arrest him. And I will prosecute him. I will not be nice. I will not give him any leniency whatsoever."

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