In Cage Warriors, Paddy is far bigger than Conor McGregor was - When Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan predicted future stardom for Paddy Pimblett

Graham Boylan (left), Paddy Pimblett (center), Conor McGregor (right). [Images courtesy: left image from MMAPLUS TV on YouTube, center image from @theufcbaddy Instagram)
Graham Boylan (left), Paddy Pimblett (center), Conor McGregor (right). [Images courtesy: left image from MMAPLUS TV on YouTube, center image from @theufcbaddy Instagram)

Paddy Pimblett has burst onto the scene in the UFC with three consecutive wins, all of which netted him a Performance of the Night bonus. He has quickly established himself as a strong personality in the promotion and a favorite amongst fans.

His arrival from Cage Warriors sparked comparisons with Conor McGregor, who came as a double champion from the same promotion. Cage Warriors president and owner Graham Boylan, however, went one step further when comparing the two during Pimblett's time in his organization.

When asked for his thoughts on Paddy Pimblett during an interview with MMA Plus TV, Boylan stated:

"He can be massive, I've said this previously. When you look at it in Cage Warriors only, and you look at where fighters were in Cage Warriors at the time they were in Cage Warriors, Paddy is far bigger than Conor."

They were already-established stars in their earlier promotion and subsequently made their much-anticipated debuts in the UFC to a multitude of fan expectations.

Watch Graham Boylan speak about the same:


Conor McGregor and Paddy Pimblett are aces on the mic

One key similarity that justifies comparing Paddy Pimblett to Conor McGregor is his excellent skills on the microphone, which led to some very entertaining octagon interviews.

As far as octagon interviews go, 'The Notorious' is notoriously good at them.

The Liverpudlian's opening night octagon interview was a great start after his TKO win against Luigi Vendramini. He concluded with an epic statement:

"Get your boy in the main event or the co-main and I'll blow the roof off!"

Check out his debut octagon interview with Michael Bisping:


His next octagon interview outdid his first as he called out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in hilarious fashion:

"I want to fight Mark Zuckerberg! Lad, I'm going to punch your head in! I'm sick of you lad, you know what I mean? I'm sick of you."

Check out his out-of-the-box callout here:


Conor McGregor's own octagon interviews are famed for being bold and unfiltered. Many of his interviews will go down in UFC history as iconic moments that defined an era and a superstar.

A similar kind of authenticity from 'The Baddy' has garnered him a favorable reputation amongst fans, making him a personality many would root for. The two fighters' entertaining antics massively contribute to their superstardom.

Check out this compilation of his McGregor's best moments on the mic:


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