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Who won the UFC fight last night at UFC 260: Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou? 

UFC 260: Miocic vs Ngannou 2
UFC 260: Miocic vs Ngannou 2
Anurag Mitra
Modified 05 Apr 2021

The main event of UFC 260 between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou promised fireworks since it was first announced, and the fight didn't disappoint in that regard. The blockbuster pay-per-view will be forever etched in UFC history as the beginning of a new era in the heavyweight division - the era of The Predator.

In the main event of UFC 260, Francis Ngannou violently knocked out Stipe Miocic in the second round to become the new UFC heavyweight champion. What a story it has been for Ngannou, who has finally tasted ultimate glory in a journey he started from the absolute bottom.

It could be the result of having Kamaru Usman in his training camp and at his corner on the night, but Francis Ngannou looked a lot calmer than usual. Instead of forcing the issue, Ngannou seemed focused on picking his shots when the opportunity arrived.

What worked for Miocic the last time around was his takedowns. However, Francis Ngannou was ready for the same this time. Ngannou did not just stuff an attempted takedown by Stipe Miocic, he swiftly moved to Miocic's back and started laying some brutal shots on the deposed champion.

In the second round, Francis Ngannou's strikes were evidently proving to be too much for Stipe Miocic to handle. After getting rocked by a vicious right hand, Miocic came back with a hard right of his own. While Ngannou was stung, he wasn't really stunned.

That's when Miocic made the mistake of trying to capitalise on what he thought was an opening by rushing in on his counterpart. A perfectly timed left hook by Ngannou while Miocic rushed towards him was all it took to knock the former champion out cold.

Stipe Miocic showed championship heart, but it's Francis Ngannou's time to rule now

Stipe Miocic is perhaps the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time, but even the greatest of champions fall and that's what happened on the night. Come to think of it, wasn't it always on the cards? Francis Ngannou is a beast, and the power in his hands can put any man on the face of the planet to sleep.


Before the fight against Stipe Miocic, Ngannou spent a combined three minutes against his last four opponents inside the octagon. Yes, Miocic had successfully defended his title against Ngannou in the past. But on the day, Miocic came up short, as Francis Ngannou is a better fighter now compared to when he fought Miocic in 2018.

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Published 28 Mar 2021, 14:13 IST
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