"I just need one takedown!" - Petr Yan trolls Aljamain Sterling with his own words after multiple unsuccessful takedowns in UFC 259 fight

UFC 259: Yan v Sterling
UFC 259: Yan v Sterling

Petr Yan has mocked Aljamain Sterling by using his own quote against him as their social media war of words continues.

While “No Mercy” may no longer be the UFC bantamweight champion, he certainly proved himself to be an elite-level competitor during his title fight against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 259. “Funk Master” came at him with everything he had and even though Petr Yan wound up getting disqualified, he was doing a whole lot of great work in the build-up to the illegal knee.

One thing that Petr Yan specifically pointed out about the contest was how he was the one that secured takedown after takedown. Previously, Sterling had made it clear that he only needed one takedown to make Yan pay.

“I just need one takedown. I can shoot one hundred times, he can stop it one hundred times. If I get that one takedown, that 101st attempt, I get him down on his back, it’s gonna be a long night for that guy.”

The Petr Yan effect

As you can see in the above tweet, Petr Yan found some amusement in the fact that he was the one who enjoyed far more success with his takedowns.

Sterling left Las Vegas with the belt as we all now know. But with the rematch seemingly being planned to take place at some stage in the next few months, we’re really intrigued to see what kind of adjustments both men end up making.

Aljamain needs to pace himself when it comes to his output, whereas Yan has to stay calm and keep his composure.


The rivalry between these two men has been really fascinating to watch develop and with the second chapter of their story coming soon, we don’t expect them to stop going back and forth on Twitter. If anything, the whole situation is probably just going to make them dislike one another even more.

The division, as we’ve already touched on, has multiple challengers waiting in the wings to try and go after the belt - with TJ Dillashaw and Cory Sandhagen being situated towards the top of that list.

For now, though, we eagerly await Aljamain Sterling vs Petr Yan 2.

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